How to Fix Mobile Speaker, When the Phone Speaker Not Working

phone speaker not working

Many people encounter various problems with their mobile phones; one of the most common is speaker malfunction. The speaker is one of the most important and widely used components of a mobile phone, and immediately after it stops working, the question arises as to how to fix the sound problem in the phone. Why is my phone speaker not working, and how do I fix the mobile speaker?
In general, a mobile phone has different components for its speaker and audio, which may cause issues. A set of components work together to generate sound and play communication signals, commonly called the speaker. After reading this blog in digimigia, no more questions about fixing the mobile speaker are accepted.

how to fix phone speaker

What is the Reason the Mobile Speaker is Not Working? 

The mobile speaker is a sound driver attached to a mobile phone or other devices to produce sound. Most people today rely upon their mobile phones to manage their day-to-day lives and activities. As a result of this, long-term usage may cause your mobile phone to develop a speaker fault. Hence, there are other various reasons why your mobile speakers might halt working. Therefore, if you need a guide, take note of the reasons below: 

  • Liquid preferences: This is one of the main reasons your phone speakers might stop working. If a mobile phone comes in contact with water, the phone software may develop problems, preventing sound from the external mobile speaker.
  • Dust: When your mobile phone falls on sand or dirt, it gets filled with dust particles, and this dust causes your speaker not to work well.
  • Physical impact: The mishandling of mobile phones may cause damage to the speaker. Sometimes, these physical damages cannot be replaced and compensated, and you will have to replace the phone speaker.

Why My Phone Speaker is Not Working: How to Fix

Sometimes the mobile phone speaker suddenly stops working. This malfunction can be due to hardware and software issues, but based on experience, most problems are software-related. With the loss of sound on your mobile phone, you won’t be able to listen to music, hear any sound in videos, or be aware of incoming calls from others, etc.
A properly functioning speaker in a mobile device is essential for a smooth process.
Now, let’s go to see why our speaker has no sound:

1) Check the Handsfree, Headphones, and Speakers:

Suppose you are using headphones, earphones, or Bluetooth speakers. In that case, the reason for the loss of sound on your phone may be related to a malfunction or failure of your headphones or Bluetooth speaker and not an issue with your mobile phone’s speaker.

How to Fix Connection Issue?

  1. Turn off Bluetooth completely on your mobile phone from the settings menu, and if any wired connection is plugged into your phone, disconnect it. Then, test the sound from your phone’s speaker again.
  2. Connect your Bluetooth speaker or headphones to another mobile phone and ensure they function properly. This will help determine if the problem lies with the malfunctioning Bluetooth speaker or headphones.

Follow these steps to identify if the issue is with Bluetooth accessories or the phone’s speaker.

how to fix a phone speaker

2) Sound Setting Problem:

After confirming that Bluetooth is turned off and other devices are not connected to your mobile phone, check the silent mode setting from the device’s settings.
Maybe your mobile was in the hands of a child who turned it off, or you silenced it yourself without knowing.

How to Fix Sound Problem Settings in IOS Phone?

  1. IOS Phone: Just switch the Ring/Silent to its primary position to turn off the Silent mode.
  2. iPhone 15: To access Silent mode on your iPhone 15 Pro or iPhone 15 Pro Max: 
  • Navigate to the Settings menu
  • Select Sounds & Haptics
  • Toggle on the Silent mode option.

How to Fix Sound Problem Settings in Android Phone?

  1. Go to Setting
  2. Select Sounds and Vibration
  3. Select Sound mode
  4. Turn off the Silent Mode
phone speaker not working

3) Dirty Mobile Phone Speaker:

The speaker ports on your phone are constantly at risk from environmental hazards. However, even though phones are built to resist these dangers, they are not always fully resistant to dust and dirt. As time goes on, dust and dirt can enter the speaker ports of your mobile phone, leading to disruptions and significantly reducing the sound output. These particles sometimes block the audio chamber, preventing sound from passing through. Therefore, it is of greatest importance to frequently clean your phone to avoid the assembly of dust and debris. As a result, you can prevent excessive blockage that may force you to replace the speaker.

How to Fix Mobile Phone Speaker Contamination?

  1. You can clean the speaker holes of your phone by using a toothpick, needle, ear cleaner, or any thin object that can fit into the port. However, it’s important to proceed cautiously and be patient during cleaning. Applying too much pressure or getting distracted could damage your mobile speaker.
  2. The second method that is not recommended is using a vacuum cleaner, which will fix the mobile speaker but damage other components.
  3. Use compressed air to remove the dust.
how to fix a speaker on a phone

4) Force Restart:

In cases of facing different software issues on a mobile phone, the initial course of action that most people embark on is to perform a restart or power cycle. This method has been widely used and proven effective for resolving multiple software-related problems. However, what about addressing speaker-related concerns? Can powering the phone on and off be a solution for fixing speaker issues? The answer is yes. As mentioned, most mobile phone speaker malfunctions result from glitches and bugs. Consequently, by performing a restart on your phone, the problem will likely be resolved.
Nevertheless, you should have already performed a restart on your mobile phone and continue encountering the persisting issue, the probability of a hardware-related problem becomes high.

why is my phone speaker not working

5) Getting the Phone Wet:

Water damage to a mobile phone can be a common occurrence, and one of the most common consequences is damage and malfunction of the speaker. This happens because water can easily penetrate the open holes and reach the phone’s internal components. To prevent further damage to the speaker, it is crucial to dry the phone as quickly as possible. There are several effective methods for drying the speaker, including using hot air from a hairdryer to vaporize the water that goes inside, placing the phone in a bag or container with uncooked rice or silica gel packets to absorb the wetness, or using speaker cleaning apps that emit specific sound frequencies to vibrate and remove any water or debris from the speaker.
However, it’s important to note that these methods may not guarantee a complete fix, especially if the water damage is severe. In such cases, professional repair or replacement may be necessary. If your phone becomes wet, take fast action and dry it immediately. This will give you the best chance of getting the speaker working again and prevent any long-term damage caused by water.

phone speakers not working

6) Factory Reset:

The last thing you can do is restore the phone to its factory settings. We do not recommend this because all mobile data will be deleted. To do this, please first ensure your software’s health, then your hardware’s health, and finally come to this method.
There are two ways to perform a factory reset. The first method is to do it through the settings menu:

  1. Go to the settings menu on your device.
  2. Select the “Backup and Reset” option.

The second method is to perform a factory reset through the recovery mode of your Android device.

Caution: The factory reset will delete all mobile data.

why my phone speaker is not working

Why Do I Need to Fix Speaker on My Phone?

A mobile device seems incomplete when its speaker is not working. Without them, you can not listen to your favourite music and make calls. So, If your phone speaker has some fault, it has to be repaired instantly. Due to this, you have to know how to fix phone speaker. However, If a mobile phone is used correctly, there is no assurance of having such problems. 

With advances in technology, there are mobile devices that are capable of doing all necessary things and have no intensity of having faulty speakers when they are used appropriately. You have to know how to fix a speaker on a phone in case it develops some issues, but first, you need to consider the main reasons that can cause a mobile speaker to stop working.

speaker phone not working

After I Fix Speaker, How Do I Protect the Phone Speaker to Work Well?

After learning how to fix a phone speaker, we should review how to take the best care of our mobile speaker.

If you follow these seven methods below, we guarantee you will no longer suffer from the phone speaker not working:

1) Do not forget to clean the speaker:

By constantly cleaning your mobile speaker and protecting it from dust, you can use your phone speaker for a lifetime.

2) Protection against water:

Water and all liquids can completely disable your mobile speaker. So, if you want to say goodbye to your phone speaker, you can go for a shower with your mobile phone.

3) Do not turn the volume of your mobile phone to the highest:

You don’t need to turn up the volume of your mobile speaker all the way. If you need a loud sound, you can buy a speaker. The loud sound of your portable speaker will cause hardware problems in the long time.

4) Don’t forget to update your phone:

Always keep your mobile phone in the most up-to-date state to be free from software problems.

5) A mobile phone without a frame is indeed better, but you should get a frame:

A protective cover for your mobile phone can resist hitting your speaker; this cheap phone case can save you from high repair costs.

mobile speaker not working


This blog has covered different methods of how to fix a phone speaker and why is my phone speaker not working. It suggests trying the mentioned tricks and techniques for software-related problems. However, if physical damage or other hardware issues cause the problem, it is advisable to get help from a professional repair technician to fix the speaker. Additionally, you can use Bluetooth speakers to improve your mobile device’s audio quality. This way, the sound will not rely solely on your phone’s speaker, and the music quality will improve greatly. It doesn’t cost much, but it can prevent many expenses.

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