How and Where to Plug Speaker into the Motherboard?

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Connecting PC speakers to a computer is not difficult; it just involves a few steps that must be followed. Many people face difficulties connecting their speakers to computers and wonder how and where to plug speaker into the motherboard.

This blog in digimigia will explain the different types of speakers and how to connect them. If you don’t need to make any connections, don’t read this blog.

All Kinds of Speakers for PC

Although a laptop usually has built-in speakers, desktop computers, on the other hand, often lack this feature. Therefore, you will likely need to connect speakers to hear sound from your computer.

Depending on your speaker type, there may be three types of connections between the speaker and the Motherboard:

  1. 3.5mm Speakers: Most computer speakers use a 3.5 mm wire
  2. USB Computer Speakers: Many speakers use a USB cable like JBL Charges 5.
  3. Bluetooth SpeakersAlternatively, your speaker can also be connected using Bluetooth technology like Bose SoundLink Flex.

Can a Speaker Be Connected to the Motherboard?

For many people, it was a question of whether we could connect the speaker to the motherboard. The answer is definitely yes. But how to connect the speaker to the motherboard? This connection is done in different ways and depends on the type of your speaker. It may be through Bluetooth, 3.5mm jacks, USB ports, and so on. In the following, we give you a full explanation, so stay with us.

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How and Where to Plug 3.5mm Speaker into the Motherboard

You must go through six steps to connect these speakers to the motherboard.

1. Checking the Motherboard and Speaker:

Ensure your laptop or motherboard is completely turned off, and then connect your speaker to the power socket.

2. Locate the 3.5mm Jack:

Identify the location of the 3.5mm jack connection on the back of the speaker. You will use this jack to connect the speaker to your computer.

where to plug speakers into motherboard

3. Plug the Jack to Insert it into the Computer:

If you have a computer, you will find several small, color-coded sockets on the back of the case. Connect your speaker to one of these sockets, usually the green color input. You may also notice that the port is labeled with a headset icon or ‘Audio out’. Press the jack firmly to insert it into the motherboard, but if you’ve tried and it doesn’t happen, do not apply excessive force because it may damage the motherboard. If the jack doesn’t go in, you are pressing it into the wrong input; try another.
If you have a laptop, you will find this input on the side of the laptop.

4. Find Out if Your Motherboard Supports a Subwoofer:

In some speaker configurations, an additional subwoofer is larger and provides bass. Before connecting, find out if your motherboard supports this type of speaker.

5. Turn Your Computer and Speakers On:

Turn on your computer and speakers. You should now hear a sound from your computer, meaning a device is connected to the system. If you hear this sound, you can be happy because it’s connected, but don’t worry if you don’t.

6. Click Yes to Allow the Required Changes:

It probably says: “A new driver has been detected. Click ‘Yes’ to allow the required changes to be completed.

Now you can play music and enjoy the great sound of your new speakers. If you face any issues, go through these six steps again. If the problem continues, there’s a high probability that your system is incompatible with your speakers.

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Where to Plug the Speaker into the Motherboard?

A motherboard is an electric circuit board to which hardware speakers and devices are attached. They connect hardware, such as the processing unit, graphics cards, audio cards, and storage cards. Getting to know how to connect speakers to motherboard permits more communication within the devices, which enables the computer to operate effectively. Therefore, you ought to know where to connect speakers on motherboard. 

There is a sound port in the motherboard speaker where to plug in the built-in audio cables to transfer the sound to the speaker. The location at the backside is actually the place where to connect the speaker on the motherboard. It is designed with three audio outputs: green, pink, and blue. The green is the primary one mainly used to listen to music, having a connection for the 4, 5.1, 7.1 speakers setup, and more. However, when connecting the speaker to the motherboard, some mistakes should be avoided when plugging your speakers into the motherboard. 

  • The speaker’s cable should be connected correctly to the specific motherboard sound port. If they are connected improperly, disruption may occur. 
  • The power connector made with four pins should be connected back as instructed with the specific model. After that, when you are done taking the steps on how to connect the speaker to the motherboard, return them to their position and then connect the power system and turn on the computer. The PC will indicate new hardware, and then everything will be ready to use.
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Where to Plug USB Cable Speaker into the Motherboard?

It’s very simple. Just connect the USB cable attached to your speaker to the USB port on your laptop or case. Normally, you can find this port on the computer case’s front and back.

where to plug in speaker on motherboard

How to Connect Bluetooth Speakers to the Computer?

You need to go through several steps to connect JBL Bluetooth speakers or other speaker to the computer:

  1. Go to your device settings and click on ‘Device’.
  2. Make sure that the Bluetooth of your device is on.
  3. You can pair it with your Bluetooth speaker by turning on the computer’s Bluetooth. Check the manual of your Bluetooth speaker; the instructions are different for different models.
  4. You can pair it with your Bluetooth speaker by turning on the computer’s Bluetooth. Now you have a list of discoverable devices to pair with; find your device name and click Connect. By following these steps, you can successfully connect your speaker to the computer.

Please note that if you use a computer that does not support Bluetooth technology, you must purchase a separate dongle for yourself.

where to plug speaker into motherboard

What is a Dongle, and How Does it Help Me to Connect My Speaker via Bluetooth?

A computer Bluetooth dongle is a device similar to USB flash drives that uses a USB port to connect to a computer. These Bluetooth adapters connect and establish wireless communication between devices equipped with Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth dongles enable wireless connectivity for computers and laptops that do not have built-in Bluetooth technology. The most important feature of a computer’s Bluetooth dongle is the ability to send and receive Bluetooth signals.

After Plug and Connect the Speaker to the Motherboard, What to Do?

Several things should be done after connecting the speaker to the motherboard to ensure the speaker is plugged well.

Update drivers: If a driver is in the speaker, ensure the driver is as up-to-date as possible.

Check settings: Make sure your speaker is the leading sound player.

Adjust volume: Try never to increase the volume of your speaker as much as you can, and always keep it in the middle.

Proper maintenance: Always keep your speaker in a dry place and avoid dust to keep it beneficial.

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In this blog, we explained in detail how to connect the speaker to the motherboard and where to plug speakers into the motherboard. Try to follow all the steps mentioned to enjoy your speaker’s sound. Also, remember to take care of your speaker after connecting it.

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