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JBL COL600 Slim Column Passive Professional Loudspeaker

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Having fun is not that hard with JBL COL600!

JBL IRX108BT Powered 8-inch Portable PA Speaker with Bluetooth

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Conference? Party? Ceremony? Fun? Joy? All with JBL IRX108BT

JBL JRX225 Dual 15″ Passive Two-Way Professional LoudSpeaker

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Ready For More Sound with JBL JRX225?

JBL Pro JRX215 Portable Professional Passive PA 2-way Sound Loudspeaker

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More than Loudspeaker....

JBL DJ Speakers

JBL DJ speakers are the best-sounding and most flexible solution for musicians, DJs, houses of worship, public address, and commercial environments. If you are a DJ, we are here to help you find the perfect monitor, with a focus on finding the best JBL DJ speaker to suit your unique needs. However, it would help if you remembered that the best choice for you depends on your specific needs, venue size, and budget. For example, if you are looking for portability, consider the smaller models, while larger venues may require more powerful speakers. You can find all these speakers on Digimigia and shop each speaker DJ JBL that you like very quickly and confidently.

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JBL Professional DJ Speakers

JBL Professional DJ Speakers is a well-known brand in the audio industry, mainly known for its high-quality loudspeakers. These speakers are designed for various applications, including live performances, studio recording, and DJ setups. Let us highlight some notable JBL professional(Pro) speakers, whether you are a professional DJ or want excellent sound quality:

  • JBL Professional IRX112 powered portable speaker with Bluetooth

The JBL Pro IRX-112BT is a compact and powerful enclosure that combines plenty of volume, strong features, and unmatched ease of use. This 1,300-watt active speaker features a broad frequency response for excellent audio reproduction, along with essential features such as feedback suppression, 1-touch ducking, and real-world EQ presets. Two XLR/TRS combo inputs and one XLR output provide distinct connectivity options. Additionally, you will receive integrated Bluetooth connectivity, enabling you to stream music from your tablet, phone, or any other smart device. The IRX-112BT is equipped with an ultra-rugged honeycomb steel grille and ergonomic handles, thereby eliminating any uncertainty associated with constructing a powerful live rig.

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  • JBL JRX225 dual 15 Inch professional 4000W passive DJ/PA Speakers

The JBL JRX225 is a portable, dual 15-inch, and two-way speaker system that is explicitly planned for application in live music performance and music playback. It is designed for use in live music performance and music playback. The JBL 2414H-c 25 mm polymer diaphragm compression driver improves high-frequency performance and system reliability. The higher woofer produces mid-frequencies and bass, whereas the lower woofer solely concentrates on the boss. Its high-voltage capacitors and inductors with massive cores are able to handle high power without saturation. This JBL DJ speaker 15 inch is designed for larger venues and delivers powerful sound.

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  • JBL ProJRX215 15-inch 2000W PA/DJ speakers

The JBL JRX215 15-inch has a system equipped with two-way reinforcement of the sound. It has a low-frequency driver and features an edge-wound ribbon voice coil with a diameter of 64 mm (2.5 inches). The JBI 2414H-C is a compression driver for a 25 mm (1 inch) polymer diaphragm. High voltage capacitors and inductors with large cores and heavy gauge wire are ideal and its high frequency waveguide is a progressive transition. SonicGuard protects the high-frequency driver against excessive power without affecting its performance. This passive speaker is suitable for different setups.

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  • JBL IRX108BT portable Bluetooth speaker system

The JBL IRX108BT Bundle is a powered 8 portable PA speaker with built-in Bluetooth that features excellent volume, clarity, and total ease of use. It is designed for musicians, performers, presenters, and instructors. The JBL IRX108BT Bundle is Professionally engineered, and this pint-sized power outperforms larger competing systems. Also, the IRX108BT features four real-world EQs to let you dial in an optimal tone quickly and efficiently. Your vocals or speech sound as loud and straightforward as possible, thanks to the built-in feedback suppression.

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  • JBL COL600 24-Inch Surface-Mount Column Speaker

The JBL COL600 is a 24-inch (600 mm) slim column loudspeaker that covers a wide range of listening areas and has a built-in 10° down-tilt to the aim. The small design, which won many awards for good design, looks good with almost any building. The JBL DJ speakers 24 inches are ideal for a wide range of applications, such as conference/meeting rooms, lecture halls, retail stores, concourses, transit spaces, fill applications, audio for video, and other applications where slim, compact design and high performance are essential.

Factors Affecting the Price of JBL DJ Speakers

JBL DJ speakers are the most popular products for its fans and users, and several factors can influence its priceseveral factors can influence its price. Let’s mention some of these factors in the following part: 

  • The type and the class of the JBL DJ speaker, whether they are passive or active
  • Power handling with the amplifier output
  • Size and portability
  • Connectivity options that affect its flexibility during performance
  • Build in equalizers
  • Digital signal processing

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JBL DJ Speakers Price in UAE

UAE is not only a tourist center for tourists but also a natural paradise for shoppers. Due to UAE’s status as a duty-free port, all goods, such as JBL DJ speakers 100000 watts price, are much cheaper than the global price, especially if you want to buy with the dollar. You can also get the latest and best brands in stores. However, there are nuances in this regard, as the JBL speakers are cheaper in the UAE. For example, JBL DJ Speakers 2000 watts price is more affordable in UAE than the other states. You can also find JBL DJ speakers at 48-inch prices in stores. It is also possible to buy your special JBL DJ speakers online.

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Buy JBL DJ Speakers

The products of this brand, especially JBL DJ speakers are used both for having a better personal experience because of its best sound and having a lovely time in public places. For this reason, many stores across the world offer these products. Of course, you can also buy JBL brand products on Digimigia. By shopping online on Digimigia, you can access the price list and specifications of digital goods, including the new JBL DJ speakers. You can read the specifications and prices on this website to buy the best brand products of this brand and use facilities such as returns, a guarantee of product authenticity, and payment on-site.