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Mifa A1 Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker

In stock

299,00 AED
This mini speaker is the biggest Mifa speaker.

Astronaut Smart Bluetooth Speaker AI Voice – Hifi Astronaut Audio Desktop Speaker

In stock

199,00 AED
The Astronaut Smart Bluetooth Speaker is an impressive piece of audio technology that will satisfy all your audio needs!

QERE 5W Bluetooth Speaker Audio

In stock

Original price was: 379,00 AED.Current price is: 279,90 AED.
speaker for romance!

Lenovo TS33 Wired and Bluetooth Speaker

In stock

149,00 AED
Why not discover something amazing? It's absolutely possible with Lenovo TS33!

LOOPITYS USB Wired Subwoofer Computer PC and Laptop Speakers

In stock

199,00 AED
About LOOPITYS USB Wired Subwoofer Computer PC and Laptop Speakers: Loopitys usb wired speaker is ideal for computer gamers and

BOGASING M4 Portable Bluetooth 40W Wireless Speaker

In stock

299,00 AED
Regret has no Meaning! Just buy Bogasing M4

Bose Wireless Home Smart Speaker 500

In stock

Original price was: 1.799,00 AED.Current price is: 1.599,00 AED.
Wall-to-wall stereo sound for filling entire living rooms and bedrooms!

JBL Bar 300 5.0 Channel Soundbar, Black JBL BAR300

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Original price was: 1.999,00 AED.Current price is: 1.455,00 AED.
If You Are Looking For Something More Than Only Soundbar.

JBL Boombox 3 Portable Bluetooth Wi-Fi Black Speaker

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Original price was: 1.775,00 AED.Current price is: 1.399,00 AED.
We want to shake the city!

Anker Soundcore Rave Party 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

In stock

775,00 AED
Party The Whole Day (And Night) With Anker Soundcore Rave Party 2

LED Night Light Sky Projector with Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

In stock

259,00 AED
Enjoy LED Night Light Sky Projector with Bluetooth Speaker.

Bang and Olufsen Beosound A5 Speaker With 12 hours Playtime, Bluetooth Version 5.3, IP65 Dust and Waterproof Rating

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5.299,00 AED7.599,00 AED
Hear a sound you've never heard before with Bang & Olufsen Beosound A5.

Sony SRS XE200 X-Series Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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Original price was: 599,00 AED.Current price is: 397,00 AED.
Best Choice For Outdoor is Sony SRS XE200.

Buy Speakers

Speakers are indispensable devices that aid our daily lives and activities; we cannot do without them. That said, there is something you probably need to learn about speakers, something new, which is that speakers are transducers. It means that they convert electrical energy into acoustic or sound energy. So, what speakers do is bring sounds to life. How many times have you used a speaker today, countless times? Nevertheless, there are different types of speakers:

You know what? Let us go deeper into speakers and how important they are to us.

What is a Speaker?

A speaker is an audio device that converts electrical signals into sound waves. It is a medium designed with technology to amplify the loudness of all kinds of sounds. A speaker is an indispensable gadget that completely transforms how we naturally perceive sound and enhances our audio experiences by adding bass and creating surround sound effects.

The history of speakers dates back to Johann Philipp Reis’s invention of the first electrical loudspeaker in 1861 and Alexander Graham Bell’s production of the first practical loudspeaker in 1876. This was the foundation on which the modern dynamic speaker was built by Edward Kellogg and Chester Rice in 1925.

The core principle of how a speaker works involves components such as a cone or diaphragm, voice coil, magnet, suspension, and enclosure. The voice coil moves within the field of the magnet, causing the diaphragm to vibrate and create sound waves. If not excellent, I am trying to figure out what else to call that.

Over the years, the advancement of audio technology has caused speakers to evolve significantly. From the simple single-driver units of the olden days to modern complex systems with multiple drivers, including woofers for low frequencies, tweeters for high frequencies, and mid-range drivers for the frequencies in between. This upgrade is so significant that it cannot be overlooked.

As I stated earlier, there are various types of speakers. You will come across large Floor Standing models that provide a full range of sound, low, mid-range, and high; Bookshelf speakers for smaller spaces; In-wall and In-ceiling speakers for a built-in feel; wireless Bluetooth speakers for seamless connectivity; Home Theater Speakers Systems for an immersive cinematic experience, Portable Speakersfor convenience and mobilitycomputer desktop speakerfor amplifying tones and sounds from a computerand Gaming Speakersexclusively for making gaming sessions as realistic as possible. 

Keep in mind that each speaker type meets a particular need, preference, and use case. Better still, make a quick stop at Digimigia and see for yourself.

Why is a Speaker Useful?

At this point, we all agree that speakers are essential to our daily lives. So, with speakers, certain things will go well. For instance, in communicating and disseminating information, speakers are needed to amplify the voice. Likewise, it is used to improve entertainment experiences, audibility during work presentations and meetings, taking cultural events like concerts, plays, and festivals to another level, personal listening use, accessibility to people who cannot read, and so on.

Moreover, speakers are not just about amplifying sounds but about clarity and quality. Speakers from reputable brands, such as JBL, Bose, Bang & Olufsen, Anker Soundcore, and so on, make high-fidelity speakers that reproduce sound with remarkable accuracy. Trust me, you want to avoid sleeping on speakers like this.

Best Speaker Brands

Apparently, the speaker market is diverse, offering a range of speaker options for enthusiasts and casuals alike. Brands like JBL, Bose, and Sony are renowned for their reputation for quality products, which they have earned themselves in the audio industry. JBL outdoor speakers are known for their nice build and versatility in diverse environments, Bose wireless speakers for their innovative technology and sound quality, and Sony Bluetooth Speakers for how well they blend sleek design with performance.

Bang & Olufsen Speakers‘ distinctive design and position in the high-end speaker market stands out. Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Speakerson the other hand, are famous for providing affordable speakers without compromising on high-fidelity sound performance. 

While brands such as Tribit, Mifa, and Tronsmart Bluetooth Speakers are relatively new, they have left a mark with their competitively priced products tailored for portable use.

How much is a Speaker?

Regarding pricing, factors such as brand, quality, feature, type of speaker, and many others come into play, causing the speaker’s price to vary widely. However, I will give you an overview of how speakers are priced.

  • Budget Speakers: These are basically entry-level speakers, offering basic functionality and good sound quality.
  • Mid-Range Speakers: These provide more than just basic functionalities. Speakers in this category offer better build quality and sound performance. 
  • High-End Speakers: These speakers are exclusively for audiophiles and music enthusiasts who desire superior sound quality and unique features.
  • Premium Speakers: Among speakers, these are renowned as the crown jewels. They offer unrivaled quality, functionality, features, and build for an ultimate audio experience.

Nevertheless, remember that no matter your budget and specifications, there is indubitably a speaker for you.