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Bose Smart Soundbar 600 Black TV Dolby Atmos Voice 4 Video Speaker

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2.299,00 AED
Tired of watching movies? The problem is the sound!

Bose Smart Soundbar 700

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2.399,00 AED
Bose has made it easy for you to buy home speakers!

Bose Smart Soundbar 900 with Voice 4 Video and Dolby Atmos

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3.675,00 AED
Build heaven with Bose Speakers in this world!

Bose Smart Ultra Soundbar Speaker

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4.199,00 AED
Hearing 3D sounds is another pleasure!

Bose Soundbar

In the world of audio speakers, the Bose brand is reputable and well-established. Among Bose speaker categories like Bose portable speakers, PA systems, and Subwoofers, Bose soundbars have many fans. Among all of the soundbars from all brands, we can confidently say that Bose soundbars are better than the others in all respects; of course, they have a higher price. In the following, we will review Bose TV speaker soundbars, so stay with us.

Bose Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar Features

Bose Soundbar Bluetooth Systems have many features that fewer soundbars have, and these features have made these soundbars luxurious, and their price is higher than other soundbars. But what are these features:

  • Dolby Atmos Sound: The best feature that a soundbar can have is Dolby Atmos. But what is Dolby? Dolby Atmos allows sounds to be interpreted as three-dimensional objects with neither horizontal nor vertical limitations. Dolby Atmos sound makes you feel like you are in the movie. This type of sound system is used in UAE Reel Cinemas.
  • Voice Control: With Google Associate and Amazon Alexa, you can talk with your Bose TV soundbar. You can certainly use your voice to browse your favorite content, adjust settings, and even receive notifications.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: You can connect to the Bose speaker bars with all Bluetooth-compatible devices.
  • Multi-Room Sound: Coordinate your Soundbar with other Bose smart speakers through Wi-Fi for bound-together music playback throughout the home.
  • Easy Streaming: You can stream on Spotify, Amazon Music, and Deezer. You need to connect to Wi-Fi and enjoy your streaming.
  • Bose Application: You can connect your soundbar to the Bose app and customize your speaker. The most impressive thing that you can do with this application is to use the Voice4Video feature.

Bose soundbars have many other features, but we have named the most important ones for you. To see the features of Bose speakers, visit Digimigia.

Best Bose Soundbars

It is challenging to choose the best speaker bar among Bose soundbars. But based on price and features, these are the best Bose soundbars:

  • Bose Smart Ultra Soundbar Speaker
  • Bose Smart Soundbar 900
  • Bose Smart Soundbar 700
  • Bose Smart Soundbar 600

In general, if you don’t enjoy the movies and series you watch anymore, your songs don’t make you happy like before, and you are tired of watching TV, it’s time to have a new sound experience with Bose Bluetooth Soundbars.