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Mifa A1 Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker

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299,00 AED
This mini speaker is the biggest Mifa speaker.

Mifa A4 Portable Bluetooth IPX7 Waterproof Shower Speaker

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185,00 AED
About Mifa A4 Bluetooth Speaker: The Mifa A4 is a portable, waterproof Bluetooth speaker with powerful sound quality. It is

Mifa A8 Bluetooth 30W Waterproof Speaker

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499,00 AED
Mifa speakers are not lacking!

Mifa Soundbar K3 Bluetooth Speaker With Digital Display

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299,00 AED
Buy Several Speakers with 1 Speaker (for TV, PC, Laptop, Tablet, iPad, Smart Phones)

Mifa Tango Portable Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker With Flashlight

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559,00 AED
A speaker that you can use even in the heart of the fire (Mifa Tango) !

Mifa Wild Camping Outdoor Bluetooth Lantern Speaker

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735,00 AED
Enjoy water resistance and up to 38 hours of playtime!

MIFA WildBox Portable Bluetooth 60W Speaker With Bluetooth 5.3 Version, Built-in Microphone, and Full Range Audio

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Original price was: 699,90 AED.Current price is: 579,90 AED.
Speaker for your entire life (Mifa WildBox)!

Mifa Speakers

Speaking of speakers, Mifa speakers are one of a kind. Mifa Bluetooth Speakers are renowned today for their products’ outstanding audio quality and effective designs. Are you a music enthusiast or a casual listener? Do you value high-quality sound? Do you ever desire to take the sound and music wherever you go? And, of course, I mean anywhere at all, irrespective of environment, weather, water, event, or any other factor. Then, Mifa speakers are what you have been searching for.

Let’s briefly tell you a thing or two more about Mifa speakers. Curious, hmm? Let us get on with it then!

Mifa Bluetooth Speakers

Why People Buy Mifa Bluetooth Speakers

Mifa brought the sparkle to audiophiles with second-to-no sound performances devoted to forging a large group of loyal customers in the long run and upgrading its products to customers’ tastes and trends. Do you want to know about what sets Mifa apart from the competition? Here are some of the reasons:

  • Brand loyalty: Mifa is a reputable brand, and customer reviews attest that Mifa always delivers. This loyalty drives their sales.
  • Affordability and value for money: Mifa speaker prices are competitive, balancing cost and quality. 
  • Convenience: Thanks to their compatibility with the upgraded Bluetooth 5.3 technology, Mifa Bluetooth Speakers provide a stable connection and allow you to pair with devices of all kinds, eradicating the hassle of messy wires.
  • Battery life: Mifa speakers are practically rugged and long-lasting. For instance, the Mifa WildBox Portable Bluetooth Speaker boasts up to 28 hours of playtime, making it a perfect go-to option for parties or weekend adventures.
  • Sound quality and clarity: Mifa Bluetooth Speakers never fail to reproduce every note, beat, and whisper. What do I call that? Exquisite!

Mifa Speaker Price

Mifa Best Quality Speakers

Do you need a small, portable speaker you can strap to your neck or backpack, a waterproof speaker with deep bass for expeditions, or a large speaker for a more immersive sound? No worries! We understand that you might be overwhelmed by the variety of options available; however, after an extensive survey, we found that the speakers listed below were impressive; we would love to share their highlights with you. So, here goes:

  1. Mifa WildBox Portable Bluetooth Speaker: The Mifa WildBox Portable Bluetooth Speaker is our top pick as one of the best options for outdoor use and adventures. It is a top option outdoors because it can get loud, produce rumbling bass, and has 360-degree coverage. It utilizes Bass Boost technology to modify and enhance low frequencies.
  2. Mifa Wild Camping Outdoor Bluetooth Lantern Speaker: The Mifa Wild Camping Outdoor Bluetooth Lantern Speaker combines music with illumination to give you a perfect, serene outdoor experience. It features portability, Pro Sound technology, and TWS technology. I would go for this if I were a camper, hiker, or a free spirit.
  3. Mifa WildRock Portable Karaoke Party Speaker: Hello, party people! The Mifa WildRock Portable Karaoke Party Speaker is an exclusive for you. Why? This product was indeed made for parties. It features a 60-watt loud output. That is not all; it also has a wireless microphone for karaoke sessions.
  4. Mifa A8 Bluetooth 30W Waterproof Speaker: Do you need a powerful yet waterproof speaker? Then the Mifa A8 Bluetooth 30W Waterproof Speaker is a must-have! Its waterproofing makes it perfect for pool parties and the beach.

Are you interested in any of these speakers and more? No worries! Digimigia Speaker World is here.

Mifa Bluetooth Speaker Price in UAE

Mifa Speaker Price

The price of a Mifa speaker is determined by its specific parts and the number of distinct parts. For instance, electrostatic technology is typically more costly than conventional electric (moving coil) designs. The cost of the materials used in the Mifa speaker also plays a significant role in its pricing. The labor may also include the rigorous testing of high-end speakers before they reach potential clients. This takes time and money. Through testing, it can be ensured that the Mifa loudspeaker can reach its full potential before being used outside the manufacturer for the first time.

Another essential cost element in speaker Mifa manufacturing is labor.  The price can be affected by pay rates, the number of people needed to accomplish a task, and the degree of expertise and specialization required to deal with specific elements. Moreover, the total cost of producing Mifa speakers or any other brand includes marketing, distribution, and administrative expenses. Some expenses include advertising, transportation, rent and utilities, salaries, and wages for administrative and support personnel.

Components that Contribute to the Price of Mifa Speakers

Depending on the components used in their construction, Mifa Bluetooth speakers price is different. The factors that affect the cost of speakers are listed.

  • Speaker drivers: The sound quality is impacted by speaker drivers. Most speakers need a woofer, mid-range driver, and tweeter. The high-end drivers used in high-quality speakers produce better sound.
  • Enclosures: The enclosures are the cabinets that hold the speaker drivers. The way an enclosure is made affects how well it sounds. Cabinets made of suitable materials, like solid wood, are more expensive than other types.
  • Amplifier: Amplifiers are essential for supplying power to speakers. High-quality amplifiers that can provide clean and consistent power are more expensive.
  • Crossovers: High-quality crossovers are more costly yet produce a more refined sound.
  • Features: Adding extra features like wireless connectivity, bi-amping, and advanced sound controls can increase the cost of speakers.

Understanding these factors can help you choose the MIFA speaker Bluetooth that will give you the best audio experience.

Mifa Bluetooth Speaker Price in UAE

You can shop MIFA Bluetooth Speakers with an online shop in the UAE. Look for the item, pick your shipping method when you’re done, and it’ll be delivered to your place. The Mifa Bluetooth speaker price in the UAE may be cheaper due to lower tax rates. However, the prices are usually the same, whether in Dubai or other cities, because of the factors we discussed. If you can find an authentic Mifa Bluetooth speaker online, such as Digimigia, you’ll be confident in the authenticity and high-end quality of everything you buy. You’ll also find details and costs on this site, as well as features like returns, a guarantee of authenticity, and online payment options. The price of the Mifa Bluetooth speaker in the UAE is free shipping, and import duty might apply for deliveries outside the UAE.