How to Know Original JBL Speaker? Distinguishing a Fake JBL From the Original

How to Know Original JBL Speaker?

JBL has played a very important role in bringing back the tendency of street music, which disappeared in the 80s along with boomboxes. Thousands of people love portable speakers like the JBL Charge. However, the popularity of JBL speakers has also led to an increase in fake products in the market. It is difficult to differentiate counterfeits from genuine ones because they come in various forms. A concise guide has been created on Digimigia to help you distinguish between an authentic JBL speaker and a homemade one, even if the counterfeit appears to be of high quality. Although, it’s better to know why it is important to buy the original JBL speaker before we tell you how to know the original JBL speaker.

Why Should We Buy the Original JBL Speaker?

To begin with, how to tell if a JBL speaker is real? Why should we buy the original speaker? Counterfeit items are inferior to the originals and usually have low-quality parts that break quickly. This affects the company’s image and how people see the company. Many people online say that JBL products are bad, but many of them bought fake ones from, for example, China, which is not really like the real thing. Despite the fact that counterfeit products cannot offer the same level of sound quality as those produced by professionals, they frequently entice customers with their affordable prices. These counterfeit items are assembled expeditiously using readily available materials without the expertise and experience of skilled engineers. Therefore, it is essential to buy a JBL speaker from authorized retailers to ensure you are getting an original product. Whether you are looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker or a powerful party speaker, JBL offers a variety of options to suit your preferences and needs.

how to know original jbl speaker

Methods of Distinguishing a Fake JBL From the Original

It is significant to know that fake speakers are produced in large quantities every day. The low quality of such fakes is considerable, even if one is not sure what to look for. For example, the speaker may have the JBL logo in a photo. Alternatively, 

  • There will be a simple orange rectangle on which they forgot to sign. 
  • There will be no serial number, QR code, or helpful information in various languages. 
  • Additionally, the Harman logo, which represents the JBL brand company, is often missing. 
  • Moreover, the entire quality of the packaging box is poor, with low-grade cardboard and poor print standards.

Now, the question is how to distinguish a fake JBL Outdoor speaker from the original if it did not have a box and packaging. Without adequate packaging, the speaker is susceptible to overheating within a few minutes. Initially, we examine the logo: 

  • Authentic speakers have the logo recessed into the coating, whereas fake speakers may have a poorly adhered logo. 
  • The buttons on the counterfeit speaker are smaller and protrude awkwardly from the surface, similar to the teeth of a cave troll. 
  • The opening on the acoustic grill of an original speaker is remarkably closely compacted. A fake speaker cannot achieve such quality.
  • A memory card slot is often found in fake JBL DJ speakers but not in genuine ones. Also, the weight may vary. For example, the original Charge 3 weighs around 800 grams, while the counterfeit Charge 3 weighs around 600 grams.
  • Another thing to consider is the charger and USB cable. The genuine power supply usually has many logos and specifications, while the fake one may have less information and be of lower quality. Also, the original USB cable is flat, while the counterfeit one is often round and shorter.
how to know jbl speaker is original

JBL Serial Number and Warranty Verification

In order to check JBL product verification, authentic speaker flaps must bear compliance logos and the product’s serial number, whereas counterfeit flaps typically remain blank and occasionally feature SD card readers. Products purchased from unauthorized online or offline merchants are likely to be fake. Shop with assurance at a JBL-authorized dealer to ensure that you are buying an original JBL product. The limited warranty is valid for products purchased from authorized sellers such as Digimigia.

How to know original jbl speaker bluetooth

Online Resources and Official Channels

It is essential to avoid following low prices and avoiding to buy JBL products from unofficial sources and channels. Since JBL is an American brand, ordering cheaper originals from China is not a good choice. The prices for original JBL equipment are fairly consistent, regardless of whether they are on Aliexpress, Amazon, or Digimigia. Hence, in the event of encountering an allegedly authentic JBL speaker at a reduced price, even during events such as Black Friday, it is imperative to raise concerns and exercise extra caution. It is essential to remain vigilant, as statistics indicate a surge in the sale of fake products disguised as unprecedented discounts during this time.

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JBL Authenticity Check

Many people are concerned about buying an authentic JBL speaker. JBL products are a major issue, affecting many customers around the world. These counterfeit items frequently bear a striking resemblance to genuine ones; however, they lack in terms of quality and safety. They are made from cheaper materials and must meet JBL’s high standards. This hampers your listening experience, and there are also serious safety concerns. Buying from reputable sellers is the best way to avoid buying fake speakers. Be wary of offers that seem too good to be true, as they often result in disappointment with subpar sound and construction. Let’s learn how to tell if JBL speaker is real:

  • Check the logo: A genuine JBL speaker’s logo exudes high-end craftsmanship. It has a textured print that fake goods often lack. This particular issue speaks volumes about authenticity. The JBL original check reveals that genuine JBL speakers are dedicated to excellence. You might think something is wrong if something looks bad or the logo looks awkward.
  • JBL check original in used materials: Genuine JBL speakers use high-quality materials. The originals will have parts that fit perfectly without gaps or uneven seaming. This level of precision is often missing in fake versions because they are also not made.
  • Examining the serial number and QR code: To ensure you have the authentic product, look for the JBL Wifi speaker serial number and QR code. Check this information with official records online, or contact customer support to verify. Fake speakers frequently miss these markings or display incorrect numbers that do not align with official databases. If the product or packaging doesn’t have this information, it’s a red flag immediately.

Moreover, the real JBL packaging has a strap for hanging, which fakes often need.


In this blog of Digimigia, we have explained the methods for distinguishing between original and fake JBL speakers. Be sure to check these items before buying so that the sellers do not sell you fake products under the original name.

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