How to Connect JBL Speaker to TV? Wired and Wireless Methods to Connect JBL Speakers to TV

Connect JBL Speakers to TV

It is more straightforward than you may initially believe to connect your JBL speaker to your TV. Modern smart TVs are equipped with the latest speakers, and JBL is no exception. The JBL speaker can be connected to your TV via a wired or wireless connection. Adding a JBL speaker to your TV is an excellent way to create a home theater environment for your enjoyment. In this article on Digimigia, we are going to let you know how to connect JBL speaker to TV.

how to connect jbl speaker to tv

Connecting the JBL Speaker to the TV

In order to connect to your smart TV, JBL speakers must be wirelessly paired to your TV via Bluetooth or plugged into your TV using a cable. Many TV brands today have built-in Bluetooth features. You will need to check your device user manual for the feature and verify that it can connect with your Bluetooth speakers because some TVs do not have it. As a matter of fact, you can add your JBL speaker both wiredly and wirelessly to your TV. Let’s dive into the steps of how to pair JBL speaker with TV in both wired and wireless ways.

how to connect jbl speaker to tv without bluetooth

Wired Connection Method

However, Bluetooth connections can be affected by signal interference, such as obstacles or other wireless devices, which can degrade sound quality. When it comes to maintaining consistent sound quality in a crowded room, wired connections are preferred to Bluetooth. There are not many JBL speakers that have audio input ports for wired connections. These are found in the Partybox, Boombox, and Xtreme series, as well as some Go, Clip, and Pulse series. Wired audio input ports are also different according to the model of the speaker. As an illustration, specific portable models, such as the JBL Go series, lack AUX input ports, whereas the JBL Partybox, Boombox, Bar, and Flip series possess wired input ports. Check the back, sides, or top of your JBL speakers for audio input ports and acquire the cable that matches the correct port for the wired connection of AUX and HTMI:

  • AUX

The 3.5 mm port wired connection, also known as a stereo jack, can connect your Bluetooth speaker to your TV. The JBL Boombox, Xtreme, Partybox, and Bar series, as well as the most recent JBL Flip and Pulse series, all have this feature. The most versatile and ubiquitous inputs are AUXs, which can connect to sound systems.

  • HDMI

HDMI ports are bigger and stronger than AUX ports for audio devices and can be found on TVs and computers. These are usually used to send both audio and video data at the same time, but they can also be used as dedicated audio cables. Connect your speaker to your TV once you’ve found its audio input and picked up the right cable. The audio input on your TV should match the one on the back or side.

Note: Some JBL speakers can only connect using Bluetooth, like the popular JBL Go 3. USB-C and USB-A input ports on these models can be used for charging.

how to connect jbl party box to tv

Wireless Connection Method

Fortunately, you can use the Bluetooth of your JBL speaker and TV to connect them without adding any mess. You can place your speaker a good distance away from your TV with the JBL models that connect to your TV via Bluetooth. There is no need to worry about wires getting snagged by pets or people passing by. However, there are a few things that you must consider when connecting your Bluetooth devices:

  • Only one Bluetooth speaker can be connected to your TV.
  • When using a Bluetooth connection, the Wi-Fi speaker connection will be unavailable.
  • Some Bluetooth speakers are designed to connect only to mobile devices so that you may experience device compatibility issues. 
  • You may experience connectivity issues due to the distance between the TV and the Bluetooth speaker.

For wireless connection (Bluetooth), you’ll need to do a simple wireless pairing method for your TV and JBL speaker without a Wi-Fi connection. The precise procedure to pair your television and speaker is contingent upon the model of your JBL speaker, although it is typically executed in the following manner:

  1. Turn on your TV’s Bluetooth through the Network Settings app. 
  2. Hold the Bluetooth button on your speaker for a few seconds and put it in pairing mode. This implies that the Bluetooth speaker must be placed in a discoverable state.
  3. It is recommended to establish a Bluetooth connection between the two devices through the Bluetooth settings of your TV.
  4. Look for and select your Bluetooth speaker. 
  5. Enjoy your little home theater.

Note: It will not be able to connect to your speaker via Bluetooth if your TV is not a smart TV. Smart TVs are usually made in the early 2000s and have RCA audio inputs (red and white holes).

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In this Digimigia article, we tried to teach you all the methods of connecting JBL speakers, which was possible both as a wired connection and as a wireless connection. We hope this blog is helpful to you.