How to Connect MacBook to JBL Speaker? Pairing JBL to My Mac

Connect JBL Speaker to Mac Step by Step

Your Mac and devices can communicate without using cables with Bluetooth technology. In order to use a Bluetooth audio device, such as JBL speakers, you must first connect the device to your Mac and then select the device as the input or output device. As a result of unfamiliar Bluetooth settings, establishing a connection between the JBL and MacBook can prove to be challenging, particularly for novice users. Knowing how to connect JBL to MacBook correctly can prevent connectivity issues and enhance the audio experience. This article on Digimigia will explain various methods to connect MacBook to JBL speaker. Let’s dive right into the details of how to set up JBL speaker with MacBook.

how to connect macbook to jbl speaker

Connecting the JBL Speaker to the MacBook

Bluetooth preferences let you connect the JBL speaker to your MacBook. Navigate to the System Settings section in the Apple menu. You can find your JBL device name in the Nearby Devices section of the Bluetooth tab. The Connect option will allow you to see your JBL device under the My Devices section. Bluetooth is the most efficient way to connect your JBL Bluetooth speaker to the MacBook. It cuts down on time and ensures a solid connection between the two devices. The two devices won’t connect if you don’t put them in close proximity. To form the Bluetooth connection, you must first pair the two devices. We will demonstrate how to do that later in this guide. Now, we are going to talk about MacBook Bluetooth pairing with JBL speaker.

how to connect to jbl speaker to macbook

Pairing MacBook with JBL Speaker

If you have never connected JBL Outdoor speakers to your MacBook, you must pair the two devices. Once paired, connect the two devices via Bluetooth to each other. If your system’s Bluetooth does not work according to your settings, you can form a stable connection with an alternative method. This section covers different ways and methods to connect JBL to your MacBook.

How to connect macbook to jbl speaker wireless

Connect JBL Speakers to a Mac via Bluetooth

It is easiest to establish a stable connection between JBL Wifi speakers and your Mac by connecting the devices via Bluetooth. Here is how you can do that.

  • Select the Apple menu icon located at the top of the screen and proceed to select System Settings.
  • Go to the Bluetooth tab and turn it on.
  • Now, proceed to activate your JBL speaker by pressing and holding the Power button. When the Bluetooth button is turned on, hold it for a few seconds until the LED starts blinking. This activates the JBL speaker’s pairing mode.
  • Click on the JBL device’s name to connect.

You won’t have to pair the two devices again after this.

Connect JBL Speakers to Mac Using the Control Center

This method also utilizes Bluetooth to establish a connection between the JBL and your Mac. However, using the Control Centre facilitates effortless management of the connected devices via Bluetooth.

  • Select the Control Center option from the menu bar.
  • Touch and select the Bluetooth icon.
  • Tap the Control Center option from the menu bar.

Connect the JBL Speaker to the Mac using a USB cable

Another method of connecting JBL DJ speakers to your MacBook is to use a USB cable. Presently, numerous JBL speakers are equipped with a designated USB port. This port allows them to connect to another device without using Bluetooth. A prompt will appear on the Mac when you connect the JBL to it via USB. Accept the JBL device to ensure that the connection is completed. Once completed, you will be able to play the music of your choice.

How to connect jbl Bluetooth speaker to MacBook

Troubleshooting Connection Issues

Connecting JBL speakers to your Mac can sometimes be a challenge. Below, we explore the causes of JBL speakers not connecting to your Mac.

  • Bluetooth turned off on the Mac.

If the Bluetooth is turned off on your Mac, it will not connect to your speaker Bluetooth.

  • Problems with compatibility.

Not all devices are compatible with every model of MacBook because they have different specifications. Check the speaker’s instruction manual or contact JBL customer support to make sure it’s compatible with other gadgets.

  • The Bluetooth driver on the Mac is outdated.

Your Mac’s Bluetooth driver may be outdated. To check for updates, visit the Software Update in the System Settings.

  • The JBL speaker is not paired.

The JBL won’t be found on your Mac if the speakers have never been paired. Before you can connect the two devices via Bluetooth, they must be paired. Nearby Bluetooth devices can cause problems.

Other nearby devices that have Bluetooth enabled may cause interference with your Mac’s connection to the JBL speaker.

  • There may be a potential hardware issue with the JBL speaker.

Sometimes, problems with the JBL speaker can cause issues connecting to other Bluetooth devices. Check your speaker from the outside to see if there are any external damages, or ask a professional.

Why won't my MacBook connect to my jbl speaker?

Why is My MacBook Not Connecting to My JBL Speaker

Are you struggling to connect JBL to Macbook and are you unsuccessful? The JBL and MacBook are perfectly compatible, so a connectivity issue usually points to a problem with one of these devices. Before you conclude that you have a damaged JBL Waterproof speaker or that your MacBook has a problem, there are a few basics to cover.

  • Ensure that both the speaker and your MacBook are fully charged.
  • Ensure that both have Bluetooth enabled.
  • Confirm that they are close less than 30 feet away. But that range might be shorter if you’re going through walls.

The other reasons that the Macbook might not be connected to the JBL speaker are:

  • Corrupted pairing: If you previously connected the speaker, the pairing may have been corrupted. This phenomenon is particularly prevalent when multiple audio Bluetooth devices are connected to the same MacBook.
  • System updates: Another prevalent issue is the possibility of updating the Bluetooth driver on the computer.
  • Hardware problems: Make sure the Bluetooth icon appears in the system tray at the top of the screen and indicates it is on. Then, ensure that Bluetooth is enabled by clicking on the icon that appears in the menu. If there is no activation alternative, your MacBook may be experiencing a hardware issue.

Now, how to connect MacBook to JBL speaker?

  • Turn the JBL speaker into pairing mode, indicated by the LED light blinking.
  • After pressing the dedicated Bluetooth button for over 3 seconds, the device should enter pairing mode.
  • On your MacBook Air, look for the Bluetooth device by clicking on the icon in the system tray.
  • In the drop-down menu, you should click Connect.
connect jbl to macbook


The seamless connection between the JBL speaker and Mac is crucial for ensuring a hassle-free experience while listening to your music. You can establish a Bluetooth connection between your JBL and Mac devices to enjoy superior audio quality without the need for cables or other physical connections. We hope that this article on Digimigia can help you.

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