How Do You Know if Soundcore is Fully Charged? What to Do if Soundcore Not Charging

Anker Soundcore

Do you know what they say about following the manufacturer’s instructions for using a product? – It reduces the risk of product failure and allows a level of safety for the user. Of course, some might wonder if that is necessary, but do you know the effects of overcharging or undercharging a speaker? How do you know if Soundcore is fully charged? Read till the end on digimigia to find out!

how do you know if soundcore is fully charged

Anker Soundcore Speakers

Anker Soundcore speakers are a brand of portable Bluetooth speakers produced by Anker, a Chinese Electronics Company that came to light in 2011. This brand offers impressive features like long-lasting battery life, immersive sound quality, and water resistance. Anker Soundcore speakers come in various models, colors, sizes, budgets, and features.

how do i know if my soundcore speaker is charging

How Do I Know if Soundcore is Fully Charged?

The Soundscore is well known in terms of its good quality battery. Soundcore is best to be chosen; they are above other typical brand speakers in everything, such as batteries and more. They provide enlarged usage and recharging disruption. The Soundscore is scheduled for a satisfactory and secure fit, making it applicable for long listening sessions. There is one thing to take note of when acquiring to know if the Soundcore is fully verified. Make sure the Soundcore is not often overpowered, as it may cause damage to the speaker along with the battery. Due to this, we must figure out how to know when Anker Soundcore is fully charged. 

First, how do you know when your Anker Soundcore is fully charged? When your Soundcore speaker is ultimately charged, the indicators will be steady white for some minutes. After you notice this, unplug it, and the LEDs will shut off. Besides when the Anker Soundcore speakers are linked to mobile devices, that permits you to know if your Anker Soundcore has been charging when in the power source.

how to know if soundcore r50i is fully charged

Anker Soundcore Charging Time

The Anker speakers allow you to use the Bluetooth connection to pair them directly with your iPads, smartphones, and computers. One of the reasons why the Ankers are efficient is their battery life, which makes them fortunate for prolonged use without access to a power source. However, the Anker Soundcore speaker may be sabotaged if it is constantly overcharging. Concerning this, we shall briefly explain how to know when the Anker Soundcore is fully charged.

Due to the ranges of Anker Bluetooth speakers, the charging time may vary due to different battery quality. But overall, the charging time for the Anker speakers is 2-3 hours. When you know if your Soundcore speaker is charging, take note of the hours required for the Anker speaker charging time to prevent overpowering, which might cause the speaker to deteriorate. Most Anker speakers have quality batteries, making them worth an investment. 

Furthermore, some facets might affect the charging rate of the Anker speaker. If the Anker speaker is frequently used as an electric charger, it might develop faults, and leaving the Anker speakers exposed to too much heat and cold might vandalize them. 

how to know when anker soundcore is fully charged

Anker Soundcore Battery Life

The Anker Soundcore speaker comes with a long-lasting battery and has proven itself to be reliable. A fully-charged Anker Soundcore speaker lasts an average of up to 24 hours of full blasts before it might need recharging. If you want a mix of reliability and style, Anker Soundcore speakers are the best.

Effects of Overcharging a Speaker: What to Do if Soundcore Not Charging

Overcharging means leaving your gadget (speaker) plugged in for a long duration, longer than it takes to charge. People often question if overcharging can damage the speaker’s battery, by implication, the speaker itself – Studies show that overcharging modern speakers is not that much of a threat because modern speakers have in-built safety measures like the safe charging feature or Battery Management System; nonetheless, overcharging might gradually shorten the speaker’s lifespan.

Therefore, it is advisable to disconnect your speaker from the power source when completely charged.

how do i know when anker soundcore is fully charged

Effects of Undercharging a Speaker: What to Do When Anker Not Charging

Undercharging means depriving your gadget (Speaker) of full charge, either due to connecting it to a low-power source or unplugging it from the power source too soon. Undercharging can have some adverse effects on the battery’s longevity as well as the speaker’s overall performance, such as:

  • Undercharging can hasten the aging and degradation of the battery life.
  • Undercharging can reduce the battery’s capacity.
  • Undercharging can dampen the speaker’s efficiency.
  • Poor battery health could affect the speaker’s output and cause poor sound projection.
how do i know if my anker soundcore is fully charged

Top Rated Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Speakers: How to Know Anker Soundcore Fully Charged

Some popular Anker Soundcore products you might be interested in are Soundcore 3, Soundcore Motion+, Soundcore Flare, and Soundcore Rave. Below are the full details:

1. Anker Soundcore Q Bluetooth Speaker

Anker soundcore motion Q

The Anker Soundcore Q is a rather general tag that refers to some particular products in Anker Soundcore, some as headphones and others as earbuds. For example, the Soundcore Q10, Q20, Q30, and Q45 products are designed wireless, noise-cancellers, and over-ear headphones with long-lasting batteries; the Soundcore Q35 and Q45 are hybrid noise cancellers, wireless charging technology, and true wireless earbuds.

How to Know Soundcore Q Bluetooth Speaker Charged:

  • For headphones: the LED indicator glows green when fully charged, blinks red when the battery is low, and glows white when it is charging.
  • For earbuds: the LED indicators turn off when fully charged, blink red when the battery is low (below 10%), and glow white when it is charging.

2. Anker Soundcore Rave Neo Speaker IPX7 Waterproof Party Speaker

Anker soundcore rave neo

The Anker Soundcore Rave Neo is a portable, party Bluetooth speaker with features that make it an excellent choice for outdoor parties, poolside fun, or tailgating activities. It has some exciting features like the PartyCast 2.0 that allows it to connect and synchronize with over 90 speakers, its water-resistance and ability to stay afloat, over 16 hours of playtime, and a thumping bass effect.

How to Know Soundcore Rave Neo Fully Charged:

  • The LED indicator on the speaker turns green when fully charged and red when it is charging.
  • The Soundcore application displays the battery level in percentage (%).

3. Anker Soundcore Motion Boom Portable Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

Anker Soundcore Motion Boom Outdoor Speaker with Titanium Drivers

The Anker Soundcore Motion Boom is a portable, mid-range outdoor Bluetooth speaker that shows promise for outdoor activities, such as camping and beach trips. Its 10,000mAh battery that lasts an average of 24 hours makes it a reliable choice. It can get loud, yet it finds it difficult to reproduce the thump and rumble in EDM and hip-hop music; however, it has a graphic equalizer (EQ) that you can use to modify its sound however you would prefer.

How to Know Soundcore Motion Boom Fully Charged:

  • The LED indicator on the speaker turns green when fully charged and red when charging.
  • The Soundcore application displays the battery level in percentage (%).

4. Anker Soundcore Motion+ Bluetooth Speaker with Hi-Res 30W Audio

Anker Soundcore Motion+ Bluetooth Speaker with Hi Res 30W Audio,

The Anker Soundcore Motion+ Bluetooth Speaker is a versatile wireless speaker that produces high-resolution 30W audio with improved treble and bass. It is a literal powerhouse with an ultra-wide frequency that ranges from 50Hz to 40 kHz, reproducing all the details in the track. It is waterproof, making it appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use. Its sound projection tunes with the equalizer on the Soundcore application. Anker’s battery’s technology gives it a playtime of about 12 hours.

How to Know Soundcore Motion Plus Fully Charged:

  • The LED indicator in the speaker’s power button turns blue when it’s charging finished and red when it is charging.
  • The Soundcore application displays the battery level in percentage (%).

5. Anker Soundcore Flare 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker With RGB Light

anker soundcore flare 2 speaker

The Anker Soundcore Flare 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker is a compact and budget-friendly speaker that offers design, durability, and balanced sound quality, powered by a 5,200mAh Li-on battery, adjustable RGB light rings that allow you to set the mood wherever you go, and a speakerphone function for calls.

How to Know Soundcore Flare 2 Fully Charged:

  • It displays a charging indicator light that turns off or changes color when fully charged.

How Do You Know if Soundscore is Fully Charged: Summary

Depending on your speaker type, there are different ways to know if your Anker speaker is fully charged. However, some examples can be seen in most Soundcore speakers:

  • the speaker light turns green when fully charged
  • the speaker’s LED lights turn on when you turn on the speaker
  • when using a mobile application.

However, there is another method that only a few mention it. After charging your speaker and ensuring it is fully charged or not, connect it to your mobile phone. You can quickly see how much the speaker charges from the mobile control center.

how to know when anker speaker is fully charged


To prevent gradual degradation of the battery’s lifespan, check if your speaker battery is full. As soon as you see that the speaker’s battery is full, disconnect it from the power source to ensure the health of your speaker battery.

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how to know when anker is fully charged

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