How to Clean Home Theater Speakers? Cleaning Home TV Stereo

Cleaning Home Theater Stereo

Whenever the word Clean comes up, the first thing that comes to mind is maintenance; product maintenance involves a set of routine activities that helps preserve the condition and state of a subject. The home theater speaker system requires low maintenance; however, one must clean the home theater speakers to keep them in top condition. How to clean home theater speakers? Do you need to clean your speakers? Are you worried you could damage it in the process? No worries! We will guide you through some maintenance processes and familiarize you with cleaning your home theater speakers. Read till the end in digimigia!

How to Clean Home Theater Speakers

Home Theater Speaker Components 

The home theater speaker consists of three components. These components are called the cabinet, the grille, and the driver.

  • The Cabinet: This is the outer part of the speaker. It protects the inner components. This component comes from wooden, plastic, metallic, or fabric materials.
Cleaning Home TV Stereo
  • The Grille: This is an inner component of a speaker. It acts as a protective covering for the drivers. This component is of thin fabric.
how to clean home theater speakers
  • The Drivers: These are the innermost components of a speaker. They are responsible for producing sound. These components are usually round and conical in shape.
how to clean stereo speakers

Note: The methods and equipment admitted for cleaning these components vary due to differences in material build and sturdiness.

How to Clean Home Theater Speakers: Methods to Clean Home TV Stereo

Over time, your home theater speaker will inevitably accumulate dirt, dust, and debris; if left unchecked, this could cause the speaker to lose its overall quality and cause permanent damage.

Here are some measures:

  1. Cleaning materials: The first step is cleaning home theater speakers’ materials. This process involves a careful selection of cleaners, chemicals, and equipment. You would not want strong chemicals or harsh cleaners that could cause more harm than good.
  2. Unplug the speaker from any power source: Ensure the speaker remains unplugged from any electrical power outlets.
  3. Remove the grille: Start with the grille and gently remove it in front of the speaker with a screwdriver (if necessary), and place it on a flat surface.
  4. Blow off loose dust and debris: After removing the grille, use compressed air to blow off loose dust and dirt. Ensure that you get all the edges.
  5. Wipe off the surface of the drivers: Dip a soft fabric in water or a mild chemical made for cleaning, and delicately wipe off the dust from the cones.
  6. Clean the grille: Thoroughly wipe the surface area of the grille with wet wipes or soft fabric to remove dirt and dust; then dry off moisture with a dry microfiber material.
  7. Coupling: After the inner components have dried up, reattach the grille to the cabinet.
  8. Storing: Choose a spot that is cool, dry, and away from direct sunlight to place the speaker. Ensure that the speaker is positioned upright and no heavy objects rest on top of it.

Takeaway: Cleaning your home TV speakers will take only a few minutes since you likely have the cleaning materials in your household; however, remember not to use harsh chemicals and be delicate while cleaning.

What is the best way to clean home theater speakers

How to Clean Sony Home Theater Speakers?

It is applicable to frequently clean the Sony home stereo speakers to avoid them having dirty particles. If dust has accumulated in stereo speakers like Sony for an extended period, it might cause the speakers to malfunction. Due to this, we must make sure to clean the speakers often and abundantly. However, if cleaning the speakers needs to be clarified, we shall inform you on how to clean stereo speaker appropriately and the precautions to be taken.

The Sony home theater speakers begin to produce low-quality sound if dust has been stuck to them over a long time. If a speaker is giving out unclear sounds, it is regarded as a poor speaker. You can use your speakers comfortably and for a longer time if you take note of the maintenance procedures to follow below: 

  • If the stereo speaker surfaces get dirty, you can wash them with fresh water to remove the dirt. To know how to clean the stereo speaker, you should know that dirt staying too long in a speaker might make the fabric get worse or malfunction.
  • In case the speakers get wet, clean them off using a soft and dry cloth directly and dry them without moisture remaining. The quality of the sound it produces might change if water enters the speaker section. As stated earlier, wipe it off with a dry cloth. Then, face the SONY logo in the speaker down so the water in it drains off. 
  • Furthermore, if you understand how to clean the stereo speaker, precautions should be taken. First, do not use detergents or any abrasive alcohol to clean the speakers, as it will affect the fabric and its system. In cold areas, leaving particles on the surface may cause the speaker to malfunction. Immediately clean any moisture that gets on with a clean and dry cloth. 
  • Ensure that the stereo speakers are not placed directly on sand, such as a sandy beach. And if it gets on the speakers, carefully remove them with ease. Please do not use a vacuum cleaner; it may damage the speaker unit.

Owning home theater speakers is a lovely investment since you can connect with old and new technology; you can use your speakers with a vintage TV or a smart TV with Bluetooth technology.

Wait a minute! Do you have issues with connecting your Bluetooth speakers to your TV?! No worries, we have got you covered!

How to Connect Bluetooth Speakers to TV

Connecting speakers to TV is a concept that emulates and creates a theater experience in our homes. If you have been bothered about adding speakers to your multi-media collection because of the fear of messy and tangled cords, rest assured, Bluetooth speakers can get you the experience you need and spare you from the mess.

Here are several steps to connect your Bluetooth speaker to your TV under varying conditions:

Condition 1 – Pairing a Bluetooth Speaker with a TV with an in-built Bluetooth network

  1. Make sure your Bluetooth speaker is on and in pairing mode.
  2. Turn on your TV, go to settings, and click on network settings.
  3. Select Bluetooth and scan for nearby devices. If your Bluetooth speaker has been sent successfully to pairing mode, it will appear in the list of nearby devices.
  4. Select the pair option, and enjoy your home theater experience.

Condition 2 – Pairing a Bluetooth Speaker with a TV without an in-built Bluetooth network

If your TV does not have an in-built Bluetooth network feature, you might have to purchase a low-latency Bluetooth transmitter.

  1. Make sure your Bluetooth speaker is on and in pairing mode.
  2. Connect the Bluetooth transmitter to your TV through an optic jack, USB port, or a 3.5mm audio jack.
  3. Set the transmitter to “Pairing mode.”
  4. Pair your Bluetooth speaker with the transmitter, and enjoy your home theater experience.

Condition 3 – Connecting a Bluetooth speaker to a TV with an auxiliary cable (AUX)

Alternatively, you can connect your Bluetooth speaker directly to your TV using an AUX cable. This way, there are no messy wired connections, just a single cable connection.

  1. Turn on your Bluetooth speaker and set it to Auxiliary mode. 
  2. Connect the 3.5mm audio cable on both ends, one to the speaker and the other to the TV.

The Best Speakers to Buy for Your TV

1. JBL PartyBox 1000 Bluetooth Party Speaker


  • Low maintenance.
  • Sturdy exterior.
  • DJ pad.
  • LED light.
  • Handle and wheels.
  • Made of fabric, plastic, glass, and metal.
  • This product is a  JBL Home Audio Speakers product series.

2) Bose Bass Module 700 Wireless Subwoofer


  • Low maintenance
  • Sleek design.
  • Fabric grille.
  • Deep bass performance.
  • Made of plastic, glass, and metal.

3) Harman Kardon Soundsticks III Speaker System


  • Low maintenance.
  • Elegant design.
  • Transparent satellite speakers.
  • Touch-sensitive volume controls.
  • Made of plastic, rubber, and metal.


Always remember to observe a maintenance routine to ensure that your speakers are in top condition, which guarantees that they can produce optimal audio quality. For more related articles, recommendations, and placement of orders, visit digimigia.com.

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