How Many Watts Bluetooth Speakers are Good? What is Wattage in Speaker?

How Many Watts Speakers are Good?

When considering a choice of speaker based on wattage and power, one could believe that a speaker with higher wattage will produce a louder and better sound quality, but that is only sometimes the case because some other factors are also in play. This blog will check what wattage is and How Many Watts Bluetooth Speakers are Good.
You must be curious about finding out what the best choice is, right? Let us find out together, shall we?

how many watts is good for bluetooth speakers

What is Wattage in Speaker: Understanding the Wattage (Power Output)

It is safer to understand the power output when choosing the ideal wattage for a Bluetooth speaker; however, it is also important to note that wattage alone does not determine the overall quality of the sound, and this is where properties like amplifier, sound pressure level (SPL), distortion and volume comes in.

Let’s take a minute to define the properties:

  • Power Rating (Wattage): This refers to the power rating or the total amount of power a speaker can receive from an amplifier.
  • Amplifier: A device that strengthens the audio projection of a speaker without distorting signal; It is used to increase the power diverted to the speaker and, by implication, the volume.
  • Distortion: A phenomenon that occurs when a speaker reproduces sound in an erratic and non-linear pattern as a result of exceeding its maximum power rating.
  • Sound Pressure Level: This describes the efficiency level of a speaker and denotes how loud a speaker can get.
  • Volume: This is the loudness of a speaker, measured in decibels (dB).

How Wattage and Sound Pressure Level Affect Loudness

The sound pressure level is relative to loudness; in other words, when you increase the power diverted to the speaker, the Sound pressure level increases; as an example, two speakers that have the same wattage can produce different loudness at the same volume if one of the speakers has a sound pressure level that is greater than that of the other; having stated that, the speaker can still produce a loud and smooth sound even at a low voltage.

how many watts bluetooth speaker is good

Speaker Wattage Options For Bluetooth Speakers

Understanding the power output of speakers is crucial when purchasing a speaker; there are categories of power output for Bluetooth speakers listed below.

There are generally three categories:

  • Low power: These have a power output that ranges from 5 watts to 15 watts, which is suitable for use in small spaces, personal use, and background music.
  • Medium Power: These have a power output that ranges from 15 watts to 30 watts, which is suitable for use in larger rooms or public spaces.
  • High Power: These have a power output that exceeds 30 watts, which is ideal for outdoor events or parties where “louder” is required.

Are Higher-wattage Speakers Better?

No, not necessarily; it is a misconception that a higher-wattage speaker will deliver better-quality sound. With developments in speaker design technology, speakers with smaller wattages can now produce high-quality sound. 

A speaker with a higher sound pressure level and sensitivity is more efficient and, hence, louder.

It is also important to note that distortion, a weird-sounding crackle, will occur if a speaker of low wattage and low sound pressure level plays at a high volume.

how many watts is a good bluetooth speaker

How Many Watts Bluetooth Speakers are Good: Factors to Consider When Choosing a Speaker Based On Wattage

When selecting a speaker with wattage as a criterion, one must pick a product that meets one’s needs and requirements; some of the elements listed below will account for while selecting:

  • The intended use of the speaker – For instance, a low-power choice for home use and a high-power choice for outdoor activities.
  • The size of the space – For instance, a low power output choice for a small room and a high power choice for a large room.
  • The audio material – For instance, a low output choice for primarily listening to podcasts and audiobooks and a high power choice for listening to heavy-bass music genres and EDM.
  • The loudness – For instance, whether or not you prefer listening to music at high volumes.
  • Awareness of other properties such as audio codec, driver size, and build quality. 

Speaker Brand with Good Wattage: Tribit Speakers Overview

how many watts does a bluetooth speaker use

These are brands of speakers, earbuds, and headphones that aim to provide well-rounded products at affordable prices. 

The StormBox series are Bluetooth speakers with incredible features such as waterproof protection and enhanced bass; the XSound series is compact in build and easy to move; the Tribit Home series has speakers and soundbars with an added ingenious feature and wireless connection. Some of the speaker’s models in each series are here:

How Wattage Affects Battery Life

Higher-wattage speakers consume more power, draining the battery faster and, by implication, reducing the overall battery life.


How Many Watts Bluetooth Speakers Are Good? When choosing the ideal wattage (power output) for a Bluetooth speaker, a speaker that strikes a balance between wattage and overall speaker quality for a better audio experience must be selected. Speakers with high Sound pressure levels don’t need to be of high wattage to produce a good quality sound at any volume. Therefore, the answer to the question of wattage varies as it depends on personal preferences and the purpose the speaker will serve.

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