How Long Do Computer Speakers Last? Lifetime of Computer Speakers

Lifetime of PC Speakers

For many people, the question is, if we buy a PC speaker, how long will this Speaker work? This question creates fear in consumers: What guarantees do I have that it will work properly if I buy the computer speaker? But don’t worry; Digimigia gives you a warranty with speakers.

How Long Do PC Speakers Last?

How long PC Speakers last depends on various factors. Some of these factors are controllable for you, and some are not.

Factors that Depend on the Speaker: Uncontrollable

  1. PC Speaker Quality: Speakers with better body material have a longer life because this durable and high-quality body prevents damage to the Speaker’s internal components.
  2. Sound Power: PC Speakers with higher sound power usually break down sooner because higher volume puts more pressure on the internal parts of the Speaker.
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Factors that Depend on You:

  1. Changes in Voltage: Increasing or decreasing the input voltage of the computer speaker will cause your speaker to break down sooner than normal.
  2. Amount of Use Daily: The amount of use you make during the day affects the sound of your Speaker. The more you use the PC speaker during the day, the worse the sound will get over time.
  3. Speaker Environment: The environment around the Speaker may affect your computer speaker. The Speaker will die sooner in humid and hot places with dust.
  4. How to Use the Speaker: Turning up the volume every time you turn on your PC speaker will make your Speaker last less than normal.

What Should We Do to Make our Speaker Last Longer

  1. Buy a Quality Speaker: Buy speaker with good quality and sound.
  2. Control The Sound: Buy speaker for a PC that you have full control over the sound of because the loudness of the speaker will damage it sooner.
  3. Use the Speaker Sparingly: Please only leave your Speaker on for the part of the day; let the speaker rest.
  4. Change the Place of the PC Speaker: If your computer speaker is in a place where collects dust or is in a desirable place, change its position.
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What is the Lifetime of Computer Speakers Normally

Good computer speakers, like Bose Bluetooth Surround Speakers, can usually last over 20 years. Some speakers with good sound and high body quality, like the REDRAGON Waltz GS510 or the LOOPITYS USB Wired Subwoofer, can also have a long life. But some speakers may not last more than 1 year for you.


As we told you in this blog, the life of a computer speaker depends on various factors. To make your speaker last longer, you must follow various factors. If your computer speaker has a problem and you don’t know how to solve it, visit the “How to Fix Computer Speaker” blog.

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