Why Are My Computer Speakers Not Working? How to Fix Computer Speaker

Why is the Computer Speaker

PC users widely recognize speakers as essential components to upgrade and enhance their audio experience, and they can adapt them for various uses, such as listening to music, playing games, watching movies, or making calls. However, there are cases PC speaker not working due to varying issues.

Are you experiencing setbacks with your speaker and PC? Do not panic! We have provided a guide to troubleshooting and resolving some of those issues with quick fixes; Read this article in digimigia till the end to know more!

pc speaker not working

Reasons Why PC Speaker not Working

Several issues could cause your PC Speaker not working, but we have grouped the most common cases into categories:

  • Volume effect.
  • Connectivity effect.
  • Driver effect.
  • Audio enhancement effect.
  • Hardware effect.
  • Operating system effect.
computer speaker not working

Volume effect

One of the most common causes is accidentally lowering the volume or muting the computer or speaker. When a computer is mute, it makes no sound through speakers or headphones. If the volume level is too low, it could make the speakers barely audible.

Connectivity effect

Speakers can be connected to a computer in several ways, either through a USB connection, 3.5mm audio jack, or wireless Bluetooth connection. If the speaker is not connected to the port or paired successfully with your computer, this might cause the PC speaker not working. If you have a bluetooth speaker, you will have this problem more.

Driver effect

The audio driver is software for communication between the computer and the speaker. The installed sound driver on your computer may get corrupted, outdated, or incompatible with your computer. This causes the PC speaker not working.

Audio enhancement effect

Audio enhancements are built-in features of a computer that can improve the audio performance of a speaker. Incompatibility of audio enhancement with a speaker causes disruption.

Hardware effect

Defective hardware like an audio chipset or soundcard could cause a speaker not to work with your computer. 

Operating system effect

A recent update of your computer’s operating system could conflict with the existing audio driver, or the operating system could be sending audio signals to the wrong output device.

Why Are My Computer Speakers Not Working

A computer without no sound may be frustrating to use. When a PC speaker is not working, it seems good for nothing. You won’t be able to carry out any operations when there is damage to the computer speakers. Therefore, we shall teach you how to fix the speaker on your PC with ease.

speakers for computer not working

However, there are many reasons why your speaker not working on computer. The PC speakers might stop working if there is a problem with the hardware, such as outdated or malfunctioning drivers. But if fixing the problem is a little challenging, consider the tips below:

Check the Hardware and Cable Connections

If your speakers are not working on a computer, you can solve such problems by checking all your hardware and cable connections. Switch on the speakers and then turn off the audio segments on your PC or other sound devices. After, connect the audio cables back and remove your headphones to be sure that your speakers are turned on by default. Then, insert your speakers into a USB port.

Checking the Setting of the Audio on Your Computer

You can check your PC audio settings by right-clicking on the speaker icon in the window to the taskbar and choosing open sound settings to reset your PC audio settings.

speaker not working on computer

Restarting and Changing the Audio Device

This is one of the ways how to fix the speaker on a PC. But first, you need to change the sound default in your audio settings. Click on the speaker PC window taskbar. Then select Open sound settings. After, move to the sound control and choose. Make sure the playback tab is assigned. After that, Choose an Audio device from the list, then click Set default > ok.

speaker in pc not working

Disable Audio Enhancements

Some Speaker producers often use audio enhancements to make their devices sound better. But if the upgrades are not set up correctly, that can explain why the speaker in PC not working.

Here is How the Audio Enhancements Can Be Disabled to Fix Your Computer Sound:

  1. Click the speaker icon on the computer window taskbar and select Open Sound settings
  2. Shift your cursor to the sound control panel and click it. Make sure the playback tab is selected.
  3. Right-click on your Audio device and choose properties.
  4. Go to tab enhancements and dismiss the option for audio enhancements.
  5. Bios Update

If speakers are not working in the computer, you may need to update your basic input and output system to sort out the hardware incompatible issues or software updates. To find the instructions for bios updates, look at the manufacturer’s website for your PC motherboard.

pc speakers not working

How to Fix Audio Problems with Speakers and PC

Research has shown that specific effects can result in no audio projection from speakers; notwithstanding, here are some straightforward processes and fast solutions that can potentially address and help resolve the issues: 

Check the volume on your speaker and your computer. Ensure the PC is not mute or the volume level is too low. On the PC, you can click the speaker icon on the taskbar to adjust the volume and press the volume-increase button, usually represented by the + sign on the speaker.

  1. On the PC, open sound settings, click on output, and select your speaker to make it your default sound output device.
  2. Check the connection mode to ensure the cable or jack is inserted correctly into the ports. Check the cable and jack to see if they need a replacement, and ensure the speaker is paired successfully with the computer.
  3. Launch the audio troubleshooter on the PC by opening the settings, selecting system, and then clicking on troubleshoot. If you follow these steps, the operating system will detect the possible issue.
  4. From the PC’s device management, uninstall, reinstall, and update the audio driver.
  5. Turn on the speaker and PC afresh. It might eliminate any temporary problems or faults from both devices.
  6. Turn off any audio-enhancing features that are activated on the PC. It might be the source of the disturbance.
  7. Check whether the speaker is powered by an external outlet or a battery, and make sure the speaker is turned on.

It could be time to replace your speakers if you have tried all of these fixes and they are still not working.

how to fix a computer speaker

How to Connect Speakers to Computers

Sometimes, improper connections between speakers and the motherboard result in speakers not working.

What is a motherboard? A motherboard is a main circuit board that holds and controls interactions between the components of a system and also provides connectors for peripheral devices like speakers and printers.

There are two primary types of PC speakers, the internal and external speakers, and both types connect to a motherboard to function.

usb speakers for pc not working

An Internal speaker is a small peripheral device that connects to the motherboard with a 4-pin connector. It is advantageous because it is usually less expensive and produces sound of higher quality; it is disadvantageous because it is less often as powerful as an external speaker.

An external speaker connects to a motherboard via a signal input connector, such as a USB port. They amplify the sound from a computer by making it louder and adding more bass. Examples are a 

HK-5007 Computer USB Mini Portable Speaker connects to a computer via a USB 2.0 interface, and a SOAIY SH39 Bluetooth gaming speaker connects to a computer wirelessly via Bluetooth.

Here are a few steps to follow to determine how and where to plug a speaker into the motherboard:

  1. Identify the type of speaker in your possession. Check if it is either an external speaker or an internal speaker.
  2. If the speaker is external, locate the speaker connector on the PC. It could be a USB or 3.5mm audio jack port marked with a headphone symbol.
  3. Insert your cable into either of the ports, open sound settings on your computer, and set speakers as the default output device.
  4. Enjoy your new setup!

Here are some recommendations for speakers for PC:

  • HK-5007 Computer USB Mini Portable Speaker With USB Audio

The HK-5007 speaker is a cylindrical-shaped, mini-sized, sleek, and portable USB speaker designed for use with computers and laptops. It is suitable for playing music, watching videos, or playing games.

HK-5007 Computer USB Mini Portable Speaker with USB Audio Input
  • SOAIY SH39 Bluetooth RGB Gaming Speaker

The stylish, portable, and rectangular-shaped SOAIY SH39 gaming speaker is perfect for any setting. It is suitable for gaming and entertainment, supports wired and wireless connectivity, and features an integrated microphone for hands-free calls.

SOAIY SH39 Bluetooth RGB Gaming Speaker


Depending on the condition of the speaker and computer, there may be several reasons why a PC speaker not working with your computer. Nonetheless, you might begin by determining whether the computer or speaker is mute and then try all of the above-suggested simple fixes. If none of the suggested fixes work, you should get a new speaker or contact a qualified computer specialist. 

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