Which Bluetooth Version is Best for Speakers: Lastest Bluetooth Version for Speaker

Which Bluetooth Version is Best for Speakers: Lastest Bluetooth Version for Speaker

The main question is this: Which Bluetooth version is best for Bluetooth speakers? A new version is better than the previous one. So, for the speaker, Bluetooth 5.3 is the best version because it’s the latest. Now, let’s find the difference between Bluetooth Versions in speakers and why version 5.3 is better than other versions. Read this article to the end on digimiga

Bluetooth Version 5.1 in Speakers

In 2019, Bluetooth 5.1 was introduced, which did not improve much in its specifications, except for more and better stability. However, it had the main capability to track connected devices and detect the direction of sending or receiving signals. For an example of Bluetooth 5.1 in speakers, we can refer to JBL Partybox Encore Portable Party Speaker with Wireless Microphone and JBL Partybox Encore Essential.

Which Bluetooth Version is Best for Speakers

Bluetooth Version 5.2 in Speakers

Bluetooth 5.2 was introduced in 2020, and this version of Bluetooth was called Bluetooth Low Energy Audio. This version of Bluetooth consumes less energy than its previous versions, meaning your speaker consumes less charge. For Bluetooth 5.2 in speakers, we can refer to the ZEALOT S56 Bluetooth Speaker.

Latest and Best Bluetooth Version For Speaker: 5.3

Bluetooth 5.3 is the latest version, which has gradually improved from Bluetooth 5.0 to have lower consumption, a more stable connection with a longer range, and more security or speed. This Bluetooth version works so that when the file is sent, the file transfer is checked, and the duplicate files are deleted immediately. This deletion of files reduces the energy consumption of the receiver and transmitter. Before this version, files were sent several times to ensure file transfer. 

Some examples of speakers with Bluetooth 5.3 versions:

which bluetooth version is best for speaker


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