How to Charge Tribit Speaker? Step By Step Guide

How to Charge Tribit Speakers?

What is the charging procedure for the Tribit speaker? What is the best way and how to charge Tribit speaker? Don’t worry. In this article on Digimigia, we will talk about different options, such as USB cables or solar systems that you can use for charging Tribit speaker and playing your favorite tunes, whether at home or outdoors. So, let’s dive in and get the Tribit speaker ready for action.

Why Proper Charging Matters

The right charging practices are fundamental and necessary to ensuring longevity, productivity, and cost-effectiveness in the setting of Tribit speakers. The heart of the speakers, their batteries, require careful attention to proper Troubleshoot. You can ensure that your Tribit speaker operates at high efficiency, contributing to increased productivity and cost-effectiveness with the right charger and adherence to proper charging protocols. Some of the tips for right charging your Tribit speaker are:

  • Try to use the included USB charging cable in order to connect the Tribit speaker to a power source.
  • Make sure the speaker is off.
  • Don’t charge the speaker at a very cold or very hot temperature.
  • If you decided not to use your speaker for a period of time, charge it to around 50% before sorting it.
  • Pay attention to the speaker’s battery level and the power source. Each model of Tribit speakers has a different charging time.
how to charge tribit speaker

Types of Tribit Speakers and Their Charging Methods

Tribit also offers some of the best waterproof and ultraportable Bluetooth speakers. Here are some of the popular Tribit speakers with their different charging methods:

  • Tribit Xsound

First of all, find the charging ports in order to know how to charge Tribit speaker Xsound. These charging ports are very necessary, because you can connect your speaker to other devices and charge the battery. Look at the back of the speaker. On the left side, you can find the slot, so you need to open it. Here, you can see the check plug and USB port for charging. While trying to charge, the Tribit Xsound Go charging indicator can show you how much it is charged. For example, when the LED light indicator turns blue, it means that it is fully charged. Moreover, its charging time is 6 hours.

  • Tribit MaxSound

To charge Tribit MaxSound, check the three necessary components. These components are the USB charging port, the Charging cord, and the charger. Make sure that the charger can deliver an output power of at least 2A. Plug the charger into a power outlet and leave it charging for about 4 hours.

how to charge a tribit speaker

Step By Step Guide to Charging Your Tribit Speaker

Here is a step-by-step guide in order to help you to how to charge your Tribit speaker:

  1. Find the charging port on your Tribit speaker. It is usually placed on the bottom or side of the speaker and is assigned
  • DC In
  • USB In
  1. Connect the USB charging cable or Tribit speaker charger to the speaker’s charging port.
  2. After that, you should plug the other end of the USB cable into a power source such as a wall adaptor or power bank.
  3. The battery indicator of the speaker starts to flash, which is a sign of charging.
  4. Wait for the battery indicator to stop flashing; that is the sign that the speaker is fully charged.  The time of charging for each speaker is different and depends on the power source and the battery level of the speaker.
  5. Unplug the USB cable from the speaker after it is fully charged. You can understand it when the Tribit speaker charging light is off. Now, the speaker is ready to use.
how do i know when my tribit speaker is fully charged

How Do I Know When My Tribit Speaker is Fully Charged?

Have you ever encountered with the problem to know how you can understand when your Tribit speaker is fully charged? One of the ways that you can determine whether it is fully charged is through the Tribit speaker charging light. When you connect the Tribit charger to the power outlet, you should see a red light glowing right beside the power button. This is a clear indication that the speaker is in the process of charging. Wait till the Tribit charging light turns solid blue. This is also a conclusive indication that the speaker is fully charged. Another means of comprehending whether Tribit is fully charged is through the duration of charging. It is not very accurate, but it can be used as an indicator.

If the Tribit speaker is being utilized while being charged, it will require a total of approximately eight hours to fully charge. However, if you are prepared to temporarily remove the speaker during the charging process, it will take approximately 5 hours to fully charge. Furthermore, the battery size, the type of adapter, and the type of charging cable also play a significant role in determining the duration of charging. It should be mentioned that the charging duration is contingent upon the specific model of Tribit speaker that you possess. A speaker with a larger battery size requires a longer charging time. For example, Tribit XSound Go, takes approximately 5 hours to fully charge.

Troubleshooting Common Charging Issues

There are some common problems with charging your Tribit speaker that you can solve by the following troubleshooting:

  • Be certain about properly connection of charging cable to both the speaker and power source.
  • Try a different charging cable or power source.
  • Check that the power source is working well by charging another device.
  • If you check all of the above troubleshooting, and they don’t work, it seems that the battery is damaged and needs to be replaced.

Remember, if the speaker is not charging, it can be related to the battery or charging port. So, you need to repair or replace them.


Charging a Tribit speaker is very simple, and there are a variety of methods that you can use. The important thing is that you should make sure that your speaker is correctly connected to a power source and that is charging properly. If you use proper charging methods, you can have a good time with your Tribit speaker for hours without the anxiety of battery life. Don’t worry, even if you don’t have a charger. You can learn how to charge a Tribit speaker without a charger in our other guides on Digimigia.