Why My JBL Speaker Won’t Charge? Reasons & Fixing Methods to Charge JBL Speakers

Why My JBL Speaker Wont Charge?

Whether you’re at a backyard party, a workout meeting, or just going to listen to music or podcasts at home, when your JBL speaker won’t charge or stay charged, it can break off the rhythm of your day. Let’s walk through how to identify the reasons for your JBL speaker’s charging troubles. Moreover, if you face such problems with it, you need to do some activities to solve the JBL speaker charging issue. Don’t worry; we have seen it all on Digimigia.

Common Charging Issues with JBL Speakers

To assist you with getting your JBL speaker running, this guide explores some common issues and troubleshooting steps. If your JBL speaker won’t charge or turn on, it can disrupt your plans and tempt you to search for solutions. There are many reasons for this problem, and this guide will provide practical tips to fix JBL speaker charging problems. Some common charging issues with JBL speakers are as follows:

  • Damaged Battery: In the JBL charging problem, the probability of a damaged battery is high.
  • Faulty Micro-USB charging cable: Often, the connector plating may need to be designed badly. Always check your cables for any sign of damage or sliver of the cover.
  • Faulty configuration settings: Always follow the instructions of your specific model. The configuration settings may differ from one model to the other.
  • Faulty charging port: One of the reasons for not charging your audio speaker may be the charging port.
  • Because of a fault in the circuit: If the circuit is not working correctly, the battery will not charge. Just like in the case of a damaged port, you should check your circuit for continuity.
why my jbl speaker won t charge

Possible Reasons Why Your JBL Speaker Won’t Charge

Some possible reasons may cause the JBL DJ Speaker not to charge. Here, we are mentioning some of them. So, if your JBL speaker won’t charge, check the following to try to resolve the issue. Let’s explore some common reasons behind this issue:

  • It is possible that your charging port cable is not working. So try it with other devices to ensure it works.
  • Sometimes, your USB cable needs to be fixed. This is more often due to your speaker needing to charge. You can check your speaker with another cable or use your USB cable for other devices to check it.
  • Look inside the charging port carefully. Maybe it needs to be replaced entirely because one of the metal contacts is bent or some of the plastic was missing.
  • Another reason is that your USB charging port got loose. There is a space between the connector and the motherboard that can result in this.
  • The last reason may relate to the battery itself. Bring it out and check it carefully. If it was blown, you should replace it.
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How to Troubleshoot Charging Problems: Fixing Methods

For troubleshooting JBL speaker charging and perhaps resolving this issue, you can follow a few troubleshooting steps. Here’s a detailed guide to charging your JBL speaker.

  • Power source: Make sure that your power source performs. In order to check it, plug the charger into a different outlet current or use another charging cable. Moreover, think about the possibility of a defective power source. You should also test the wall outlet by plugging in another device to check whether it functions correctly.
  • Clean the charging port: After you use the JBL Wifi speaker for months, dust and debris gather in the charging port and cause a JBL speaker charging port problem. You can gently clean the charging ports with some materials in order to keep them away from any scratches.
  • Firmware update: JBL company has different software updates to ensure your speaker’s compatibility and functionality. You can check the latest and most recent firmware updates on the JBL Connect App. Then, download and install it in order to increase its total functionality.
  • Solving battery issue: The JBL Outdoor speaker battery issue is due to a charge problem, especially in JBL Charges 4 and 5. You should check the battery correctly. If it is damaged, try to replace the battery with a new one to increase its performance.
  • Verifying the charging cable: It can help you find the problems related to the charging cable. If the problem is with the charging cable, then try to replace the charging cable for better performance.
Why is my JBL Charge speaker not charging?

Preventive Measures to Avoid Charging Issues

To prevent and avoid charging issues in your JBL speaker, follow these measures:

  • Use the original and correct charger.
  • Clean your port regularly.
  • Usually, Update your speaker firmware.
  • Refrain from overcharging your JBL speaker.
  • Handle your speaker and USB charger carefully.
Why are my jbl speakers not charging

Summary of Blog: Why is My JBL Speaker Not Charging?

There are several reasons of why won’t my JBL speaker charge, including a broken charging cable, a damaged charging port, a dirty charging port, or a bad battery. Many of these charging issues can be fixed, but not all of them. Look at all the potential reasons that were discussed before you attempt to resolve the problems with your speaker. This will give you a good assessment of what’s happening that your JBL Bluetooth speaker not charging and solve the problem as fast as you can. The most likely reason why your JBL Bluetooth speaker won’t charge is:

  • You are using a bad charging cable. Even normal usage can easily wear out cables, and these are more fragile than the speaker itself. If you see any visible damage to the cable, like a broken and damaged sheath or exposed wiring, and JBL speaker not charging, The cable is typically the problem. However, a cable can exhibit defects and appear normal without any visible indications.
  • A poor wall outlet can also cause your JBL speaker not to charge. Even if the charger is plugged into an outlet, you will not receive a charge.
  • Another possible cause for your JBL speaker to not charge is a dirty charge port. Dirt, dust, and various other debris can readily contaminate a charging port on a speaker or any other small electronic device. This is another issue that may be difficult to diagnose. The contact points can become covered with dirt and prevent their contact, thereby preventing charging.

A damaged charging port is a more serious issue than a dirty one. If the charging issue persists after thorough examination of the outlets and cables, the charging port may be malfunctioning.


I hope you now understand why your JBL speaker won’t charge in this guide on Digimigia. Hopefully, you can fix most charging issues with JBL speakers by following a few simple troubleshooting steps. Often, a clean charging port, charging cable, and power adapter will resolve your speaker quickly. If your JBL Charge 4 and 5 are not charging or won’t turn on, checking for imperfect charging ports and batteries is also crucial. Contact JBL support if you need help with these solutions because they can advise you on warranty coverage for replacements.