How Long Do Tribit Speakers Last?

Tribit Speakers Last

For many people, the question was how long Tribit speakers last. Tribit is a prominent company in the speaker field that creates some of the highest-quality speakers. Tribit Go Portable Bluetooth Speaker and Tribit StormBox Blast are famous Tribit speakers. But how long can Tribit speakers hold a charge? Or how long can they work? We will answer these questions in the following.

Tribit Speaker Playtimes: How Long Can Tribit Speakers Hold a Charge

In general, the Playtime of Tribit speakers depends on several factors:

  • Battery volume
  • Speaker type
  • Sound power
  • Rate of usage

Playtime of Tribit Speakers:

  • Tribit StormBox Wireless Bluetooth Speaker: Up to 20 hours Playtime
  • Tribit Go Portable Bluetooth Speaker: The Tribit Go speaker is one of the most wonderful Tribit speakers that can play music continuously for you all day and night (in 50% volume mode) and definitely in 100% volume mode; this time, it will be less.
  • Tribit StormBox Blast: It only takes 4.5 hours to charge this speaker fully, but it can play music for up to 30 hours without stopping. This speaker’s Playtime is a record among Tribit speakers.
  • Tribit MaxSound Plus: Up to 20 hours of battery life for all-day music enjoyment with maxSound Plus.
  • Tribit StormBox Flow: Up to 30 hours of Playtime.
Tribit Speaker 90W StormBox Blast
Tribit StormBox Flow 25W Portable Speaker
Tribit MaxSound Plus Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
Tribit StormBox Wireless Bluetooth Surround Sound Speakers

How Long Do Tribit Speakers Last: How Long Will Tribit Speakers Work

How long the Tribit speakers work is up to you. You must observe the following points to increase the lifetime of your speaker:

  1. Daily Usage: The amount of use you get out of your speaker during the day impacts its sound quality. Over time, the sound quality of the Tribit speaker will deteriorate the more you use it during the day.
  2. Speaker Environment: Your Tribit speaker may be impacted by the surroundings surrounding it. Places that are hot, humid, and dusty will cause the speaker to expire sooner.
  3. Variations in Voltage: If the Tribit speaker’s input voltage increases or decreases, your speaker will malfunction earlier than usual.
  4. Using the Speaker: Your Tribit speaker will last less time if you turn it up to full volume every time you turn it on.

But generally, if you follow the abovementioned points, your Tribit speaker will last at least 10 years.


In this blog, we introduced the Tribit speakers to you and told you how long the charge lasts and how long the speaker works. This brand has other products that you can buy. One of the best speakers of this brand, Tribit Xsound Go Portable Bluetooth Speaker is to see its wonderful features on its product page. To buy high-quality Tribit speakers, visit the world of speakers: digimigia.

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