How to Connect Bluetooth Speaker to TV? Step by Step

How to Connect Bluetooth Speaker to TV?

In today’s digital age, where entertainment comes first, seamlessly connecting devices has become increasingly important. One such connection that improves your sound experience is the Bluetooth speaker interface on your television. You will follow the steps in this guide, which focuses on popular devices like wireless Bluetooth speakers and unique devices like the Harman Kardon Soundsticks III and the LG LHD657 Home Theater System, sold by Digimigia for purchase in the UAE. Whether you’re hoping to improve the sound of your 1st movie or appreciate live sports, you have a successful basic plan for a Bluetooth speaker network on your television. This guide will show you some of the best UAE speakers covering Digimigia’s offerings.

how to connect bluetooth speaker to tv

Bluetooth Connectivity:

Before we jump into the exciting details of connecting your Bluetooth speakers to the television, how do we address the essentials of a new Bluetooth feature? The Bluetooth wireless communication standard allows devices to communicate and share data remotely.  This means transmitting sound signals without an actual connection for televisions and Bluetooth speakers.

Step 1: Promise your television Bluetooth capability:

Not all televisions have a built-in Bluetooth utility. Check the specifications for your television in the user manual or online to see if Bluetooth connectivity is supported. You may need an external Bluetooth connection if your television requires built-in Bluetooth. 

Step 2: Start the Bluetooth Speaker:

Guarantee your Bluetooth speakers are connected and turned on. Once it’s done, press the power button to start the Bluetooth pairing process. Refer to the instruction manual for installing speakers without dedicated buttons.

Step 3: Enable Bluetooth on your TV:

Find the Bluetooth option in your television’s settings menu. Enable the Bluetooth service to search for Bluetooth devices locally by setting it to “discoverable” mode. 

how to connect a bluetooth speaker to a tv

Instructions for connecting the Bluetooth speaker to TV:

Optimizing the television sound experience while setting up an impressive theater is a breeze using Bluetooth speakers. Follow these simple steps to connect your Bluetooth speaker to your television and listen to advanced sound. 

1. Check Assembly:

Check if your Bluetooth speaker and television support Bluetooth connectivity. This feature is available in many modern televisions, but you should check the specifics of your TV manual first.

2. Connect your television via Bluetooth:

Go to your television’s settings menu and find the Bluetooth or Sound settings. Enable Bluetooth to allow devices to recognize your television.

3. Turn on the Bluetooth speaker:

Power up your Bluetooth speaker and put it in matching mode. You can do this by pressing the Bluetooth button until the indicator light flashes.

4. Messaging Devices:

Select the option to search for a Bluetooth device on your television. When your speaker appears in the rundown, select it to start the matching system. Confirm that both devices are compatible.

5. Change sound settings:

Return to your television’s sound settings and select the Bluetooth speaker as the default yield device when the session occurs. This guarantees proper synchronization with the included Bluetooth speaker. Now, your television and Bluetooth speakers are seamlessly paired, delivering an enhanced tough challenge for your #1 shows, movies, and games. With this simple setup, you can use excellent sound and wireless features.

6. Attach the third Soundstick:

Your cable should connect both ends to your television and the Harman Kardon Soundsticks III. Make sure your connection is secure to get the best audio connection.

7. Power On and Select Input:

Turn on the Harman Kardon Soundsticks III and set it to the correct input mode, depending on your connected cable.

8. Confirm television settings:

Go to the TV’s settings and select the audio output source as the connected port. Harman Kardon Soundsticks III: You should now hear audio from your television.

connect bluetooth speaker to tv

Connect Bluetooth Speaker to TV: Step By Step

  1. Check TV compatibility: Before you begin, guarantee your television has Bluetooth capability. Most intelligent televisions today have built-in Bluetooth, but it is vital to highlight this in your television settings or buyer’s manual.
  2. Turn on Bluetooth on your TV: The TV system must enable Bluetooth. Depending on your television model, these steps may change, so refer to the customer manual for precise instructions. 
  3. Set the Bluetooth of the speaker: Power up your Bluetooth speaker and use its matching mode. This is usually done by pressing a specific button or holding the power button longer. Check your speaker’s notebook for guidance. 
  4. Communication: Your television should recognize the Bluetooth speaker once both devices are in pairing mode. Select the speakers from the list of devices on your TV and confirm that they are connected. The machines form an association. 
  5. Test: Play a short video or story on your television to guarantee sound through the Bluetooth speaker. You may need to adjust the volume of the television and speakers to get the right sound. Congratulations to you! Your Bluetooth speaker is successfully connected to your television. If you can specifically check the article about connecting the JBL speaker to the TV, you are recommended to refer to the article How to Connect JBL Speaker to TV.
how to connect tv to speaker

How to Connect a Bluetooth Speaker to a TV?

With a touch of technological advancement in TVs, they are now mostly suited to connecting with Bluetooth speakers. Even though most of these TV brands include built-in Bluetooth features, a few still lack these features. A common way to know this is by checking the Device’s user manual. Well, that’s not the purpose of the article. 

Do you own a TV but are unfamiliar with how to connect Bluetooth speaker to TV? Here is the way out. Read on to learn how to connect TV to a speaker.

bluetooth speaker connect to tv

Connecting Bluetooth Speaker to TV?

It is relatively easy to link Bluetooth speakers to a TV. Below are the steps on how to connect TV to speaker easily:

  • Please turn on your Bluetooth speaker and ensure it is in pairing mode. Checking your Bluetooth user manual will help you understand better how to do this. In short, this step is about making your Bluetooth speaker discoverable so your TV can connect. 
  • Turn on your TV and go directly to Network Settings.
  • There, you should find the Bluetooth icon, which will allow you to add the Device depending on your TV model.
  • Carefully search and choose your Bluetooth speaker. Of course, a list of discoverable Bluetooth devices will appear, but you should choose only your speaker.

Now, the last step will get you a confirmation message, and you will enjoy the achieved link.

If feasible, such an easy and simple technique on how to hook speakers to TV would be totally pointless. Some of the reasons for this may include:

  • The TV you produced does not have built-in Bluetooth.
  • The TV signal is too weak for data transmission, which prohibits an audio connection that uses Bluetooth technology.
  • Your TV and loudspeaker are at different voltages and are not working.

If your TV doesn’t feature built-in Bluetooth, there might still be a way to maneuver. This step includes getting low-latency Bluetooth to your TV via a Bluetooth transmitter. This transmitter establishes your TV connection through a 3.5mm audio-out jack, USB, optic, or RCA jacks. Follow the steps below on how to connect Bluetooth speaker to TV that doesn’t feature built-in Bluetooth:

  • Having gotten the transmitter, carefully locate and press the button on the Bluetooth transmitter to switch the pairing mode on.
  • Switch on your Bluetooth speaker and press the button that corresponds to pairing it with the transmitter.
  • Once your Bluetooth speaker has been added, make the connection, and that’s all.
how to connect bluetooth speakers to tv


You are ready to elevate your sonic awareness with your Bluetooth speaker successfully connected to your television, whether an unremarkable remote, Harman Kardon Soundsticks III, or the LG LHD657 home theater system. Sit back and take a breath; these devices are your #1. Immerse yourself in the rich sound effects of movies, television shows, and music. Connecting a Bluetooth speaker to your television in the UAE is a straight wheel that can remarkably improve your home customization experience. The most important thing is to find a speaker that matches your preferences and fits well with your TV system. Soak in the exciting sounds as you dig into the fascinating universe associated with the comforts of home.

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