What You Can Do With JBL Speaker App & How to Use the JBL Speaker App? JBL Application Tutorial

What You Can Do With JBL Speaker App

One of the things I love about the JBL Speaker brand is that they long to provide an outstanding level of convenience to users; that passion drove them to develop the JBL Speaker App. The development of the speaker app turned the audio industry around significantly because not only does it connect with the speaker to control it, but it also comes with a variety of features which allow users like you and me to customize the speaker’s sound performance to our taste, taking our audio experience to whole new levels. Keep reading to find out more interesting things about the JBL Speaker App.

What You Can Do With JBL Speaker App

What is the JBL Speaker App?

The JBL Speaker App is a software application designed by JBL to improve the listening experience of users across its range of audio devices, JBL PartyBox Speakers, JBL Wi-Fi Speakersand all. With this app, you get full control of your speaker and access features and settings you cannot access, such as the connection status, equalizer settings, creation of playlists, wireless music streaming services, and many more. You can now customize and personalize the speaker to your taste without limitations.

The JBL Speaker App is a versatile application, and depending on the speaker’s model, either a JBL Portable App or a JBL One App will be the better option for you. What do I mean? But, with the JBL Portable App, you and I can connect to a range of Portable JBL Speakers, including series and models like the JBL Clip 5, the Charge series, the Xtreme series, the Boombox series, and so on, while, the JBL One App is a go-to option for JBL audio devices like the JBL bluetooth Speakersmodels such as the JBL PartyBox Speakers, JBL Outdoor Speakersand JBL Home Audio Speakers such as the JBL Bar series. Nevertheless, both apps are user-friendly, regardless of their high level of functionality.

To reassure you, both apps prioritize user data safety and do not share data with third parties. That way, your data is safe and cannot be jeopardized.

Remarkable Features of the JBL Speaker App

How to Use the JBL Speaker App

The JBL Speaker App is comprehensive, providing many features, functionalities, and benefits. A few of those remarkable features are listed below:

  • Speaker Setup: Do you remember what I said earlier about convenience? JBL made it so that once the app is launched, the user interface displays a series of simple and clear instructions on connecting your speaker.
  • Sound Settings and Customization: This feature allows you to edit the speaker’s default equalizer setting or create a new one directly from the app. This feature has no limits; you can tailor the settings however you like.
  • Stereo Mode: This mode allows you to pair two JBL speakers for a stereo sound experience.
  • Social Mode: This feature allows multiple users to connect to the speaker and play music in turns. It is a fun feature for parties and gatherings.
  • Voice Assistant: With this, you can access your smartphone’s voice assistant directly from the speaker by pressing a button on the speaker.
  • PartyBoost: This unique feature lets you link over a hundred JBL PartyBoost-compatible speakers together for a better immersive experience.
  • Software Update: A feature that allows you to get the latest update of the application and, by implication, make for a better experience.

Have it at the back of your mind that there is much more in stock.

How to Use the JBL Speaker App

Below is a step-by-step process that Digimigia has provided for you on how to use the JBL Speaker app. I hope you find it helpful.

  1. Download the app: How to go about this could differ depending on your kind of device. If you use an Android device, go to Playstore and install the JBL Portable or JBL One App, but if you use an iPhone, visit the Apple Store for the applications instead.
  2. Launch the app: Once installed, launch it and leave it for a minute or two losartan for nearby JBL Speakers.
  3. Connect your speaker: Follow the displayed instructions to connect your speaker to your mobile device.
  4. Discover and enable the features: Browse through the app, discover the features and functionalities available, and customize the equalizer settings of your speaker to your satisfaction.
  5. Manage your speaker: From the app, you can now monitor the battery level of the speaker, check its connection status, and control playback.
  6. Update the app frequently: Ensure that you update the app regularly so your speaker runs smoothly.
What can the JBL app do?


The JBL Speaker App has its way of rebranding our experience with its speakers, offering convenience and remarkable features. It is a tool that unlocks the full and hidden potential of JBL Speakers.