How to Charge Bluetooth Speaker Without Charging Port? Charging Speaker Without Charger

Today’s wired devices are going to be outdated. They are replaced by wireless gadgets like Bluetooth technology, which is extremely popular among teenagers and young adults. A Bluetooth speaker enables us to listen to music from anywhere and have a pleasant time. Unfortunately, a Bluetooth speaker needs an extended battery, and you have to recharge it from time to time if you want to listen to music continuously without any break. However, it may make you angry and disappointed when the battery of the Bluetooth speaker runs out, and you do not have the charger. Fortunately, there are some ways for you to charge your Bluetooth speaker without a charging port. In this article on Digimigia, you will find out how to charge your Bluetooth speaker without its charging port.

Charging Bluetooth Speaker Without Charging Port

As was mentioned, there are different ways to charging Bluetooth speaker without port. In the following, we are going to explore some of the methods that can power up your speaker:

  • Charging by the use of your smartphone

This is one of the most reliable methods to power up your JBL Bluetooth speaker. You can connect your speaker to your smartphone by the use of an appropriate USB cable. In order to do so, you have to ensure that your smartphone has sufficient battery power. Remember that this method may run out of your smartphone battery. Therefore, it is better to have a fully charged phone before starting to power up your speaker.

how to charge bluetooth speaker without charging port
  • Charging by the use of Powerbank

A very easy and portable way that can help you to charge your Bluetooth speaker is a power bank. It is also very acceptable for places where there is no wall charger or computer. Again, you have to make sure that it is fully charged to maximize your speaker charging capacity and that you have a USB.

how to charge a speaker without charger
  • Charging by the use of a Laptop

The following method of charging your speaker is used. If you have a laptop that is powered on, you can connect your speaker to it and make sure it is going to be charged. It is a handy way for places where there are no power outlets.

how to charge speaker without charging port
  • Charging by the Use of a Car Charger

You can connect your speaker to the car charger with a USB cable and power it up into the cigarette lighter socket. This method is beneficial whenever you are on road trips or a long distance. Now, as far as all the above techniques need USB, you may ask how to charge Bluetooth speaker without USB, and the answer is in the following parts in Wireless charging options.

how to charge a bluetooth speaker without a charger

How to Charge a Bluetooth Speaker Without a Charger?

Nowadays, wired devices are becoming less and less useful. Bluetooth technology makes wireless gadgets replace them because they are easy to carry, and there are no messy wires or tangles. A Bluetooth speaker is one of the most popular wireless devices, allowing us to listen to music from anywhere. However, having no charger for the Bluetooth speaker can be a real pain when the battery runs out. You have to recharge a Bluetooth speaker from time to time to enjoy music without any interruptions. How to charge Bluetooth speaker without charging port? It is possible to charge your Bluetooth speaker with a charger as well. You’ll learn how to charge a speaker without charger in the next part.

How to Charge Speaker Without Charging Port?

Here are ways to charge a Bluetooth speaker without needing a special charger.

  • Using Smartphone: You can quickly charge your wireless speaker with your smartphone. All you need is the USB cable. How to charge Bluetooth speaker with USB port? You connect the speaker to your smartphone with a USB port. This approach eliminates the necessity of utilizing a charger. You don’t have to get anything extra if you always carry your phone.
  • Using Mobile Charger: You can charge your Bluetooth speakers with a mobile charger.
  • Using A Powerbank: You can recharge different types of gadgets instantly with this compact power bank. Simply plug your speaker into the charging port.
  • Using Your Laptop: You can even recharge your Bluetooth speaker with your laptop. Unlike smartphones and other devices, you don’t have to worry about the limited built-in battery.
  • Using A Wireless Charging Station: With wireless charging, you can be assured that there will be no mess. The problem of a dying wireless speaker battery can be fixed easily.

DIY Solutions for Charging Bluetooth Speaker

People who have some knowledge of technology can easily make a wireless charger and use DIY solutions to charge their MIFA Bluetooth speakers. Although it may be technical and awkward, you can try it. To do so, you have to gather all the required items, such as a soldering tool, an inductive charging set, and a 9V charger. Then take the following steps:

  • After gathering all the necessary items, you will first have to take apart the Bluetooth speaker. Do it carefully in a way that there will be no damage to any interparts.
  • Then, you have to solder the +5V wires on the circuit plate.
  • Now, you must connect with 9V on the emitter’s side.
  • After doing these steps, the wireless charger can charge the device. If it is done successfully, you can tape the coil to the bottom of the case. Make sure that you stop using thick materials.
how to charge jbl speaker without charger

Wireless Charging Options

With the help of a wireless charging option, you don’t have to worry about any problem with charging Bluetooth speaker without cable, and you can solve the problem of your wireless speaker battery. You can find many types of wireless charging devices on the market, and they are accommodating for charging a Tribit Bluetooth speaker. Nevertheless, you have to make sure it corresponds to your Bluetooth speaker model. It empowers you to use it from anywhere you want. The only thing that you need to do is check the user manual to make sure that your Bluetooth speaker supports wireless charging.

Replacing the Speaker’s Battery

In order to replace the speaker’s battery (for example, in a car), you need to solder wires to the +ve and -ve battery holder contacts and keep the correct polarity in mind. Moreover, it would help if you equipped an appropriate opening in the speaker body for those wires to pass through. You will need to know what VDC is essential for your speaker and what current it should draw under average load. This would usually be discovered on the speakers’ data plate. If you can’t find it, you have to contact the manufacturer. But if the speaker’s nominal VDC is less than the alternator VDC, you will need to incorporate a proper resistor in series with the speaker supply wire to use the undesired supply voltage. Otherwise, you will damage the speaker. It would help if you also thought about how much power the resistor can handle.

how to charge speaker without charger


It is straightforward to carry a Bluetooth speaker; however, it can prove to be challenging, particularly if you need to remember to bring the charger port frequently. Therefore, we suggest some methods of charging your speaker with and without USB devices to you on Digimigia. With the help of this article, you also learn how to replace the speaker’s battery or find a DIY solution for charging up your speaker. Do you know of any other solutions that can help us charge Bluetooth speakers without a port? We are delighted to see that you share your suggestions in the comments with others and us. 

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