A speaker that you can use even in the heart of the fire (Mifa Tango) !

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Mifa Tango Portable Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker With Flashlight

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About Mifa Tango Portable Bluetooth Speaker:

Mifa Tango Bluetooth speaker can offer stunning, joyful music in the park, forest, sea, or beach without you leaving your home! The speaker is made whether the fun is on fast mode or slow and silent. They stated that they had been in search of something nice like that, and this Mifa company was where these speakers fell with the quality, such as being waterproof, dustproof, and Bluetooth.


This tiny Bluetooth speaker has a custom-made speaker and double passive radiators and produces loud and clear sound simultaneously, even outdoors, with the same superior sound quality as our Mifa brand.

Other features of the Mifa Tango include: Other features of the Mifa Tango include:

  • The headphones feel great and fit comfortably, so you can listen to any music genre for up to 25 hours straight on a single charge.
  • Supports a maximum of 100 wireless connections.
  • The design of efficacious bass loudness technology guarantees deep bass availability even at low volumes.

Additionally, TWS enables two different devices to share the same Tango audio, delivering outstanding stereo surround sound.

Therefore, work out with him, sleep under the stars, or enjoy the pool; Mifa Tango is a multifunctional and reliable Bluetooth speaker that you can trust.

MIFA Tango Features:

  1. Compact Bluetooth speaker
  2. It can help the surrounding areas with loud and crisp sounds, perfect for outdoor productions.
  3. A custom-made loudspeaker and two double passive radiator crossover systems, each of complementary tonality, can produce baffle-contributing sound.
  4. Smart Poses Immersion into sound through tuning sound based on the space you occupy.
  5. As an adjustable magnifier, it carries spare batteries and has law enforcement SOS flashing in two lighting modes.
  6. This item is just beyond what is compared to waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof.
  7. Mifa tango playtime: 25 hours of sound listening without charging the gadget.
  8. Support for more than 100 wireless stations.
  9. The bass loudness technology, such as the deep bass for the low tones.
  10. MIFA tango Bluetooth speaker with water resistance and carrier and its ability to connect to TWS (2 audio channels in a single device) delivers a breathtaking stereo surround sound.
  11. The supreme sound quality that Mifa offers is great.
  12. One of the most defining characteristics of modern high-fidelity headphones is their ability to reproduce treble with clarity and bass with depth.
  13. Versatile and reliable speaker
  14. Best for hiking, camping, and relaxation.

“Mifa smart Poses Sound,” the latest invention mainly, recognizes the speaker’s angle (horizontal/ vertical) and adjusts the music type to give an exciting tune with high and deep bass sound when used horizontally. The equipment also has a flashlight function with two lighting modes (standard and SOS flash mode). The product is designed for outer uses and can withstand temperatures from -20 to +40. It comes with a 25-hour battery running time, which is weather-resistant, shock and move-proof. The transmitter can communicate wirelessly with 100 like-minded devices using the TWS (True Wireless Stereo) technology. Its 1/4″-20 UNC cone-shaped nut and adhesive pad make it very convenient to mount on the bicycle. With the all-in-one capability to charge other devices, the device can function as this. It uses Bluetooth-compatible devices and a built-in Micro SD card.

Mifa Tango Specifications:

  1. Speaker Dimensions 1.71 x 4.65 x 5.31 inches
  2. Date First Available: March 21, 2023
  3. Manufacturer: MIFA
  4. Country of Origin: China
  5. Input Voltage: 5 Volts
  6. Speakers Maximum Output Power: 10 Watts
  7. Speaker Weight: 390 Grams
  8. Battery Capacity: 5000 Milliamp
  9. Charging Time: 3 Hours

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  1. Baahir

    I can’t believe the performance of the mifa tango Out! The waterproof and dust proof features have saved my device from potential damage countless times. It’s incredible how durable and reliable this speaker is. Definitely worth every penny!

  2. salah

    for sea and pool is great

  3. Obayana

    i always go to my work with this and its always in my bag,it is portable and its sound is great. i recommend it.

  4. sam

    This speaker is better than anything you can think of

  5. john

    The sound of this speaker is incredible

  6. mahoon

    i love this speaker, the material is amazing i dont know how to describe

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