Wall-to-wall stereo sound for filling entire living rooms and bedrooms!

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Bose Wireless Home Smart Speaker 500

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About Bose Home Speaker 500 Watts:

Last weekend, I decided to host a small party with some friends at my house. I wanted to ensure we had fantastic music playing in the background. So, I used my Bose wireless smart speaker 500.

While preparing dinner for my friends during the party, I could easily control the speaker remotely. How? With the Bose Music app, I had to connect to my home Wi-Fi to take over the whole space with my voice.

The sound quality was unique, and I could fill the entire living room with wall-to-wall stereo sound. And before I forget to tell you, this speaker also supports Apple AirPlay 2. That means full access to your Apple Music account.

Best Feature:

One of my favorite features of the Bose home speaker 500 watts is its built-in Alexa and Google Assistant. I could use voice commands to switch between songs, adjust the volume, and even make calls without my phone. It doesn’t matter how far I am from the speaker; it can hear me perfectly, and I can do whatever I want.

Bose Home 500 was the best choice for my party. Unique sound quality, easy-to-use controls, and extensive connectivity options.

With no exaggeration, I want to have a party at least once a week after this Bose speaker.

Bose Home Speaker 500 Features:

  1. Control Options: This can be controlled remotely with the Bose Music app (switch between songs, change volume, and make calls without a phone) or using 6 1-touch presets on top of the speaker.
  2. Sound performance: Wall-to-wall stereo sound for filling entire living rooms and bedrooms with music, you can hear voice commands clearly from a distance.
  3. Connectivity: Supports Apple AirPlay 2 for full access to Apple Music account.
  4. Built-in Alexa: Built-in Alexa and Google Assistant for voice commands.
  5. Bose Music Application: Use the Bose Music app for a simple setup with detailed prompts.



  1. Ica

    The speaker is a great device that provides excellent sound quality, despite the opinions of some people who are overly concerned about their audio devices. Although there are a few areas that could be improved, such as the awkward and somewhat confusing setup process, I was able to figure it out after about 20 minutes. The Alexa interface could also be better, but that seems to be a common issue with many of Amazon’s devices.

    The speaker is primarily focused on delivering great sound, and it does so brilliantly. Even at lower volumes, it can easily fill a decent sized room, and the bass sound is particularly impressive. The app allows you to adjust the bass and treble to suit your preferences. As someone who appreciates music and how it sounds, I love this speaker. It may be small, but it is certainly mighty, and I have no reservations about recommending it to anyone who enjoys listening to music or the radio.

  2. Idowu

    The feature that impressed me the most about this product was the high quality of the sound it produced.

  3. Saaiq

    The Bose Home Speaker 500 is impressively loud and produces a powerful bass sound.

  4. aya

    this speaker is so great,the volume is super high, you can hear the sound from 1km far

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