JBL Speaker Won’t Turn On? Read How to Fix

JBL Speaker Wont Turn On?

You can turn on your JBL speaker in any location, from your workspace to your backyard or bathroom, and during party time. However, it is very disappointing when JBL won’t turn on or charge, and it will ruin all of your programs. So, dealing with a speaker that won’t turn on is a major party blunder. But don’t worry; we are here on Digimigia to tell you what to do and how to fix it all. Here is everything you need to know about the potential reasons why your speaker won’t turn on and how to turn on JBL speaker.

JBL Speaker Won't Turn On

Common Reasons Why Your JBL Speaker Won’t Turn On

Your JBL speaker is not working! Do you know why? Actually, it happens a lot. It is very important to identify the root cause of the power issue and prevent an uncontrolled chase. Here are some common reasons:

  • Battery dead: whenever a battery powers your JBL speaker, it is possible that the battery is not activated if it is depleted or damaged.
  • Defective power source: A bad power source, such as a power outlet or charger that fails to function, can keep your JBL speaker from turning on.
  • Physical damage: If the speaker’s internal components or exterior are damaged,  it can interfere with its ability to power on.
  • Software malfunctioning: Occasionally, malfunctions in software or firmware issues may result in your JBL speaker stopping to turn on properly.
  • The JBL speaker may be in service mode, which means the device will not turn on unless it is connected to the power.
jbl speaker won't turn on when plugged in

Troubleshooting Steps

When your cherished JBL speaker refuses to turn on, it can be a frustrating experience. Don’t fear. We are going to explore the solutions that bring your speaker back to life. Here are some JBL speaker troubleshooting steps that resolve the issue of the speaker not turning on:

  • Check power source

Whether you are using a power cable or a battery, ensure that the cable is properly to the speaker and power outlet, or replace the battery with a new one.

  • Battery check

Check your JBL speaker’s light that indicates the need for charging. Moreover, make sure that the charging port is clean.

  • Software or factory reset

Please back up your JBL speaker through settings with the JBL application or manual documentation and reset it. Then try to turn it on.

  • Check the JBL speaker for external or physical damage

Inspect the speaker by looking for any signs of physical damage, such as water exposure. If it was damaged, contact JBL customer support for more information and help.

  • Update Firmware

Make sure that your speaker firmware is updated. If it wasn’t, you should download it according to your speaker model and then install it on your speaker.

  • Check the warranty

If your speaker, not the charging cable, has a defective part inside, you need the entire speaker to be replaced.

Remember that your battery will invariably fade toward retirement age, and as the number of charges accumulates, the battery life decreases.

jbl speaker won't turn on or charge

How to Fix JBL Speaker That Won’t Turn On

Do you know how to fix JBL speaker that won’t turn on? These tips will guide you through fixing your JBL speaker power issues, whether it is related to your power issue or something more technical:

  • Charge the speaker

A charged speaker eliminates the possibility of a dead or faulty battery. You should connect it to its charger and be careful of its solid red charging light, which allows you to know it has been charged for a sufficient amount of time.

  • Check the charger and cable

A bent cable or a malfunctioning charger may cause your issue. Switch out the charger and cable to rule out a charging glitch.

  • Reset your JBL speaker

A soft reset lets your speaker reboot and fix any software malfunctions. For most JBL models, this kind of reset works. You can do it by holding the power button for about 10 seconds, then try to turn it back on again. You can also do it for your JBL Flip 5 that won’t turn on or charge or when your JBL speaker won’t turn on even when plugged in.

  • Reset to factory settings

The process of factory resetting your JBL speaker is a stronger reset that requires you to re-pair your speaker to your connected devices. These steps are different and depend on your speaker model. However, it usually involves pressing a specific button combination.

jbl speaker will not turn on


Various factors can cause a JBL speaker not to turn on, ranging from power issues to software malfunctions. By following this comprehensive guide on Digimigia, you can systematically troubleshoot the problem and save your speaker. Remember, if all of these steps fail, reach out to JBL support and get expert assistance for your specific issue.