How Long Does a JBL Speaker Take to Charge? JBL Bluetooth Speakers Charging Time

How long does JBL speaker take to charge

If you’re a proud owner of the JBL speaker, you know that it’s an extraordinary device for playing your favorite music and podcasts. But like any other electronic gadget, it needs a charge to continue playing music. So, JBL speaker charging time is very important. Do you know how long does your JBL speaker take to charge? In this guide on Digimigia, we will discuss about JBL speaker full charge duration and compare it with some popular JBL speakers. Let’s start.

Standard Charging Times For JBL Speakers (Popular Models and Their Charging Duration)

Standard charging times are different according to the models of JBL wifi speakers. In the following part, we will discuss some popular models and their charging duration. Remember that when you play them loudly, with extra bass especially, they will somewhat shorter party music playing power.  

This speaker is equipped with a USB-C charging port for faster recharge. The JBL Flip 5, which is equipped with a powerful lithium-ion battery, takes 2.5 hours to charge. It’s important to remember that overcharging is not recommended, because it can reduce the battery’s life during time. So, once your Flip 5 is fully charged, unplug it from the charger to stop overcharging.

A JBL Charge 5 gets the quickest charge time and fullest charge through the use of a high-current USB charger system. According to the specimens, the time JBL Charge 5 takes to be completely charged is four hours. This speaker can play for about 20 hours because of its 7,500 MaH, 27 WaH, and 3.6-volt lithium polymer battery.

Charging a JBL Flip 6 conveniently via their USB-C charge port. In order to get the shortest charge time, be sure that you are using a USB-C adapter that is large enough. The JBL Flip 6 takes two hours and thirty minutes to charge. The speaker can play for 12 hours on a single and fully charged.

You charge the Clip 4 via the USB-C charge port to get the quickest charge time. According to the specimens, it takes three hours to charge the JBL Clip 4. On a complete charge, you can play for up to ten hours. This is because of its 3.885-watt-hour lithium polymer battery.

How Long Does JBL Speaker Take to Charge?

Factors Affecting Charging Time

The time it takes to charge a JBL speaker can vary significantly and depends on several factors, including:

  • Capacity of the battery: A high-capacity battery needs more time to recharge.  
  • Speed of the charging point: Your JBL DJ speaker battery can only receive a specific charge rate current. Therefore, the recharge times will be determined by the maximum charging rate of your speaker support.
  • Current battery charge status: The state of your JBL battery states how long it will take to be charged. For instance, an empty battery requires more time to recharge than a full battery.
  • Power output: the power source’s wattage or voltage affects on the charging speed. For example, your speaker charges slower when it is connected to a computer USB.
  • Battery health: A damaged battery might charge slower than regarded
  • Battery temperature: the battery’s internal resistance goes up when it is cold, and this causes the speaker to be charged slower.
  • Charging cable conditions: If the charging cord is old, it might not transfer current as usefully as the new one.
how long does a jbl speaker take to charge

Indicators of Full Charge

In order to check if a JBL speaker is fully charged, you must check its LED lights. The last JBL speakers have a straight white battery indicator light. The more the battery, the light is filled with a white color, and the more charge the speaker has. Also, when it is turned off or has a steady blue color, it means that it is fully charged.

Optimal Charging Time For JBL Speaker

As stated in the previous parts, optimal charging time for JBL speakers can vary and based on the model and the battery capacity. Moreover, to know how long to charge JBL speaker, you need to check the model. For example, some JBL speakers only need to be fully charged within 2 hours, while some others require over 6 hours to fully recharge.

how long does it take to charge a jbl speaker

Summary of JBL Charging Time Article

How long does it take a JBL speaker to charge? The time it takes to fully charge depends on the model, as each of them has different battery capacities. JBL speakers take longer to charge if they have a larger battery capacity, but they also keep the charger for a longer time. Another answer that can be given to the question of “How long does a JBL speaker take to charge?” is determined by the number of recharges that its battery has undergone. For example, lithium-ion polymer batteries have a certain number of charging cycles, between 300 and 500. When the charging cycles are completed, the battery doesn’t stop working. Instead, its capacity decreases gradually over time. This means that the battery will take longer to charge and will keep its charge lower than ever. In order to have a definite answer to the question of “How long does JBL speaker take to charge?” there are some key takeaways:

  • How long does it take to charge a JBL speaker with average-capacity batteries? It takes less than two hours from an empty state.
  • How long does it take for a JBL speaker to charge with high capacity battery? It takes 4-7 hours to recharge from an empty state of the JBL speaker battery.
  • The duration of recharge is different, and it is based on the current state of charge, battery health, maximum battery capacity, battery temperature, and power output. JBL recommends that you should not allow your battery to drain to zero. Doing so means you must wait longer for a full recharge. It would help if you charged your speakers as soon as you spot the flashing warning light to avoid prolonged charging times.
  • The charging process is controlled by smart circuits in JBL Outdoor speakers that prevent the battery from overcharging.


As mentioned in this article on Digimigia, JBL speakers are very well known for their majestic battery life. Their batteries provide over 24 hours of listening time between charges. However, the recharge times are different for each model. Top options, such as the JBL Charge 5 and the JBL Boombox 3, provide over 20 hours of listening time for the users. Moreover, the recharge times also depend on the basics and status of the model you are using. Some JBL speakers need only 2 hours to charge. Others have high-capacity batteries that will be charged over time.