How to Connect JBL Speaker to Android? Learn How to Pair JBL Speakers to Android

Ways to Connect JBL Speaker to Android

JBL speakers are renowned for their superior sound quality, extended battery life, and long-lasting capabilities. JBL makes a variety of wireless Bluetooth speakers, such as the JBL Charge 5, Flip 6, and so on. To establish a connection between a JBL speaker and an Android device, it is necessary to activate the pairing mode of the speaker, activate Bluetooth in the phone, maintain both devices within the Bluetooth range, and select the JBL speaker name in the Bluetooth list of the phone. This article on Digimigia shows you how to connect JBL speaker to your Android phone in detail.

how to connect jbl speaker to android

Preparing Your JBL Speaker and Android Device

The good news is that you don’t necessarily need any special apps or other software to connect a JBL speaker; for a simple Bluetooth connection, you can rely on the built-in functions of your source device. The JBL Portable app for Android is recommended if your speaker supports it. The JBL Charge, Flip, Pulse, Extreme, and Boombox series all have this feature, though cheaper and lower speakers like the JBL Go and Clip series do not. The PartyBoost mode for multiple speakers is still mainly useful for installing updates and setting up the PartyBoost mode. In order to know how to use JBL speaker with Android, prepare both the speaker and the Android device.

To prepare your speaker:

  • Make sure you have power on your speaker. When plugged in, most JBL outdoor speakers automatically switch into pair mode.
  • If this is the first time you use Bluetooth, press the Bluetooth button once to enter pairing mode. It’s looking for a source device, so the indicator LED will turn white or blue, according to its model.

To prepare an Android phone, you must activate Bluetooth on your phone:

  • In the menu bar, press Apps.
  • Press Setting
  • Go to Connections 
  • Find and press Bluetooth
  • Turn the Bluetooth switch On
how to connect jbl speaker to android phone

Pairing your JBL Speaker with an Android Device

When activated, Bluetooth will immediately start scanning for nearby devices. To pair your JBL speaker with Android, the speaker should be within Bluetooth range of your Android phone so it can be scanned, found, and added to the Bluetooth list.

  • Under the list of available devices, locate the JBL DJ speaker name, press it, and establish a connection.
  • During the pairing process, a pairing text will be displayed adjacent to the JBL speaker name.
  • Upon the pairing of both devices, a hyperlinked text will appear adjacent to the speaker’s name.
  • There will be a short sound that indicates that the speaker is connected to a device.
  • Play music on your Android phone to test the connection. The connection is successful if the audio comes from the speaker and not the phone. If the sound comes through the phone, go to the Audio Output Settings and choose Bluetooth as the audio output source.
how to connect android to jbl speaker

Troubleshooting Connection Issues

Bluetooth is an excellent technology when it functions properly. However, for individuals who enjoy experimenting with these connected gadgets, it can be a source of frustration when there is a disconnect between the two. If you are experiencing such a problem, here are some troubleshooting steps you can try:

  • Restart Bluetooth on your Android device. 

This implies that you should disable Bluetooth on your Android phone or tablet, wait for a few seconds, and then reactivate it. After that, try connecting to your JBL speaker another time.

Turn the speaker off or remove the battery, then power it back on. Try reconnecting it to your Android device again.

  • The devices are out of range.

The Bluetooth connection between the JBL speaker and your phone requires a distance of 10 meters or 30 feet. If the phone is not placed within the Bluetooth range, it won’t find, list, or pair with a speaker.

  • JBL Speaker doesn’t have enough battery.

The device won’t work correctly if the JBL Home Audio Speakers doesn’t have enough battery. Check the LED light under the speaker to find out how much charge your JBL speaker has. The light indicated 20% of the charge. A red light means that your speaker is on a low battery and requires charging.

how to connect jbl bluetooth speaker to android phone


We talked about pairing your JBL speaker with an Android device throughout this blog on Digimigia. Once you’ve paired, your phone will remember your speaker and your speaker will remember your Android. Music can only be played through the speaker if the two are connected. We also discussed troubleshooting connections and the solutions that might happen between the JBL speaker and Android. It is important to keep in mind that specific speakers permit the simultaneous connection of multiple phones, whereas others only allow the connection of one phone at a time. If you encounter any issues, you should check if another phone is already connected to the speaker and disconnect it if necessary.

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